Power Outage on Fort Garry Campus

Classes cancelled in specific buildings April 2

April 1, 2018 — Classes that take place in the following buildings on the Fort Garry campus will be cancelled for April 2, 2018 due to a power outage:

  • Helen Glass Building
  • Biological Sciences Building
  • Fitzgerald Building
  • Wallace Building
  • Education Building
  • St. John’s College and Residence
  • St. Paul’s College

All classes normally held in these buildings are cancelled for Monday, April 2. It is anticipated that power will be restored sometime on Monday and regular activity will resume on Tuesday, April 3. Students and instructors should watch for further notices.

Students in the residence have been relocated to other accommodations.

Staff in the affected buildings can check the disruption page for updates and, where possible, contact their supervisors for more information.

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