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Science in Action! Preserving our treasure: UofM Chemists & Inuit collaborate to track biodiversity in Canada’s North

When you first meet UofM Chemistry Professor Jörg Stetefeld, it’s obvious that he’s what you might call a “people person”. It’s a good thing, too, since that quality served him well when it came to forging a unique partnership between the University of Manitoba and a community of indigenous people in Baker Lake, Nunavut. Known...


Microplastics found inside fish from Lake Winnipeg

A recent study by an undergraduate student in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources has found disturbing levels of microplastics in Manitoba waters and in fish from Lake Winnipeg. Student Sarah Warrack, working with Dr. Mark Hanson in the department of environment and geography, and Dr. Michael Rennie, an adjunct professor...