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Science in Action! Preserving our treasure: UofM Chemists & Inuit collaborate to track biodiversity in Canada’s North

When you first meet UofM Chemistry Professor Jörg Stetefeld, it’s obvious that he’s what you might call a “people person”. It’s a good thing, too, since that quality served him well when it came to forging a unique partnership between the University of Manitoba and a community of indigenous people in Baker Lake, Nunavut. Known...


Making an Impact: UofM Delegation Learns How UofT Provides Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skills to Promising Young Researchers

On Friday, March 22nd a delegation from the University of Manitoba visited the University of Toronto. Their mission? To learn how Canada’s largest university promotes innovation and commercialization of new discoveries.  The team visited the Impact Centre, where the Centre’s Director, Dr. Cynthia Goh, discussed ways to mentor promising young scientists to be more entrepreneurial....