UM Today: Dr. Hersh Shefrin: 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient for Lifetime Achievement

The recipients of the 2019 University of Manitoba Distinguished Alumni Awards are graduates who are outstanding in their professional and personal lives. These honourees encompass a wide range of achievement, innovation and community service and inspire fellow alumni, current students and the community.

Dr. Hersh Shefrin [BSc(Hons)/70] has built his career on behavioural finance—the understanding that people can be unpredictable, rash and foolish and these human conditions can, and have had, disastrous consequences for financial markets. Over the past four decades, Dr. Shefrin has been a pioneer in this area with research into self-control issues, ethics and risk management and succeeds where many scholars don’t: effortlessly translating this complex data into practical advice for academics, professionals and the public. Dr. Shefrin is also a regular contributor to Forbes, and has been published in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Shefrin had a chance to to tell us about his time at the U of M, how financial issues have changed over the years, and some of his other thoughts, memories, and musings.

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Mar 11, 2019

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