Wawatay Application Deadline Extended 2021

Are you a University 1 Indigenous student interested in Science?

YES.  Then Wawatay is the Program for you.

What is the Wawatay Program?

Wawatay is a research-based program that offers Indigenous students the opportunity to obtain a Science degree while gaining experience in research throughout their degree. The program offers academic and personal support tailored to individual students’ needs. These supports include advisor meetings, access to tutors, cultural and professional development workshops, group activities, and spiritual care.

What is the advantage of applying to Wawatay?

Wawatay students will be honored with the “Wawatay Scholar” title. The research focus will be shaped by a combination of student interests, Indigenous community needs, and relevant research in the Faculty of Science. Through hands-on experience, workshops, and activities within laboratories, field stations, and/or communities. Students will have many opportunities to appreciate the real-world application of a science degree. Students who complete a Bachelor of Science degree as a Wawatay Scholar will have a strong connection to their Indigenous community, access to a network of support and future contacts, and professional skills and knowledge of how to apply that degree to a given career.

Before students start at the University of Manitoba, students will participate in a six-week Wawatay summer orientation (July 12 to August 20, 2021). Orientation is designed to help students obtain the necessary information and skills to facilitate entry into University 1 and life away from home.

Orientation Activities Include:

  • Lunches and discussions with Researchers, Indigenous Scholars, Faculty members, Indigenous Elders, and Knowledge Keepers
  • Campus Tours to familiarize students with the University, including Faculty of Science offices, laboratories, and buildings
  • Engaging with staff and student organizations
  • Participating in professional skill-building workshops
  • Group projects to promote teamwork and a cohort spirit
  • Academic assessment so each student can receive tailored academic and personal support throughout their degree.


For more information and assistance please email wawatay.science@umanitoba.ca. 

Aug 17, 2021

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