What’s Next: Registration for 2021/2022

One year is done and it’s time to start planning for what’s next.

The 2021/2022 Fall/ Winter Schedule (preliminary) is now available in Aurora! Take a look to start planning.  However, we stress, this is the first of possibly, multiple revisions. Courses may change or be added.

Now is a good time to plan and make a Plan A and Plan B. Have some alternate courses in mind that you can switch out if your original plan changes.

This is called Parallel Planning. You should do parallel planning for many reasons, in the event, you switch programs or decide on a different Degree or want to enroll in a different Faculty.

Don’t know what to plan for? Try running a Degree Audit on your program to see what courses you still need to complete. Or check out the fancy new calendar.

If you need help please contact the Virtual Advising Help Centre (VAHC).  VAHC can help you with general questions about UM – services and support offices, opportunities for students, and where to find UM rules and policies. They will also make sure to connect you to the right place to get the answers you need about your unique concerns.

OK so now that you have a plan A and B what else? When thinking about the future, it is good to have experience beyond the classroom.  Check out Undergraduate Research Opportunities, Science Mentoring Program, or Science Co-op. There are many ways to get involved with the community on campus.

Join the Science Student Association, or one of the many other Science Student Groups, find your peeps, and have some fun during these trying times.

Registration access dates will be posted on July 9th for the Fall/ Winter Semesters.

Remember take some time to have a break and enjoy a little bit of Summer.

You got this!


May 20, 2021

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