Café Scientifique November 28, 2019

November 28 – 7 p.m.

McNally Robinson Booksellers, 1120 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg


2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. Chemists have elegantly organized the 118 known elements into this table. Chemists and physicists have explained much of the underlying physics behind this grouping, while astronomers probed the astronomical origins of the synthesis of these elements.


2017 shook the world when, for the first time, the gravitational waves facility, LIGO, detected gravity waves from a spectacular event following the collision of two neutron stars. Tracked by some 70 ground- and space-based observatories, this fascinating event suggested that much of the heavy elements like gold and platinum in the Universe can originate from such explosive collisions. However, interpretation and future progress require input from other fields and further astronomical discoveries.


Join us to learn about how the studies in multiple fields will help us answer the long-standing, fundamental question: how did the elements in Nature come to be? And experience first-hand, the excitement that lies ahead.


Dr. Judy Anderson

Professor Emerita, Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, U of M

Dr. Mario Bieringer

Associate Professor, Chemistry, Faculty of Science, U of M

Dr. Samar Safi-Harb
Professor, Physics & Astronomy, Faculty of Science, U of M; and Lead for Equity, Diversity & Community

Dr. Kumar Sharma
Professor (retired), Physics & Astronomy, Faculty of Science, U of M




We request RSVP’s in order to plan the event, this is a public event and we do not reserve seats, all seating is first come first serve.


Nov 20, 2019