Congratulations to Sakib Rahman on the 2020 Emerging Leader Award!

Sakib is a student in the University of Manitoba Department of Physics and Astronomy, pursuing a PhD in Particle Physics. His research focus is on simulation and data analysis for high-precision parity-violating electron scattering experiments at the Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory in Virginia, USA; that aim to test the limits of theoretical nuclear structure models and the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

Apart from his academic interests, Sakib has been actively engaged in the University of Manitoba’s student community including tenures as the Vice-President Marketing and Events of the University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association and the President of the University of Manitoba Bangladeshi Students’ Association. He has also volunteered multiple times as a mentor to Indigenous students visiting the University of Manitoba under the Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program. In his leisure time, Sakib enjoys playing and coaching soccer, a sport that he views has lessons in strategy, discipline, and teamwork. He views community engagement and leadership as an integral part of the academic experience and responsibility as a researcher. He is extremely grateful for the support he has received from the staff and faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy to accomplish his goals.