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Check out our Research section to explore the exciting research prospects! The brief descriptions of the research programs are followed up by a link to the individual researcher’s web pages that explain the research program in greater detail. Don’t hesitate to contact the professors for more information!

Each successful applicant must be sponsored by a faculty member who agrees to supervise the student’s graduate research and provides baseline financial support from research grant funds. Every admitted graduate students receives at least the minimum guaranteed stipend (for guidance, see the section about financial support)

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Applications to the Department of Physics and Astronomy must be submitted to the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Graduate Studies. In addition, the Department requires some additional documentation to be submitted as detailed below. Please review the general admission requirements. International students should check English language test requirements and the list of exempt countries.

To minimize issues that could arise during the application we suggest the following steps:

  1. Get in contact with a prospective advisor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, either directly or by filling out our informal enquiry (see link below). The Department will post your enquiry on an internal website accessible to all faculty, and will also forward your enquiry to all relevant faculty based on the research field(s) and specific advisors indicated on your form.

    Please be aware that the Department cannot ensure that a potential advisor will reply to the enquiry, therefore you cannot expect a guaranteed answer. We strongly urge you get into contact with potentials advisors directly.Please be aware that you cannot be accepted for graduate studies at the University of Manitoba without the explicit commitment of an advisor.

    Direct application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies without prior contact to a potential advisor may not succeed and will result in the loss of the application fee, independent of your qualifications.

    Click here to fill enquiry form 
  2. Once you have an informal understanding with an advisor to take you on, apply formally to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Ensure that you also complete the following additional requirements.
    1. Inform the Department of Physics & Astronomy by email that you have sent a formal application; include your name, address, email address, proposed advisor, and the exact date of your application.
    2. Submit a curriculum vitae.
    3. Submit a letter describing your career goals and research interests, showing how these relate to the research program of your proposed faculty supervisor.
    4. GRE physics subject test score for PhD applicants preferred but not mandatory; please inquire with potential advisors about their preference.
  3. Stay in contact with your potential advisor during the admission process to make sure that things move forward.
  4. Once the Faculty of Graduate Studies has verified the completeness of your application, the potential advisor can make a formal commitment (or the application is circulated in the department to find an advisor) and Graduate Studies will proceed with the final approval, at which point you will be notified.


Applications are accepted at any time; however, admission for a specific term requires enough time for processing. We strongly suggest that you send in your application in a timely manner given by the following table:

Session Start Date Deadline
Canada & US
Regular September 1 May 15 February 15
Winter January 1 September 15 June 15
Spring May 1 January 15 October 15
Summer July 1 March 15 December 15

Application received after theses dates will be processed, but there can be no guarantee for the start date. Please make sure to send in complete applications, otherwise the process will be much delayed.

Financial Support

All students who are accepted into a research-based graduate program (this excludes the comprehensive Master’s in Medical Physics) are guaranteed a basic minimum stipend, which is set by the department on an annual basis. Current stipends (2021-2022) are summarized in the table below [1].

Table of Stipends (2021-22)

Program and scholarship level Stipend including
a typical 1st year
teaching assistant-
ship [2,3,4]
Ph.D. with TriCouncil Vanier CGS Scholarship $ 53,000
Ph.D. NSERC CGS-D Fellowship 1st year [5] $ 45,500
following years [6] $ 38,000
Ph.D. NSERC PGS-D Fellowship 1st year [5] $ 31,500
following years [6] $ 31,250
Ph.D. with U of M Graduate Fellowship or MHRC $ 28,650
Ph.D. (grant funded) $ 24,950
M.Sc. with NSERC Fellowship (1 year) [5] 1st yr [5] CGS/PGSM $ 28,000 / 27,800
2nd yr [6] CGS/PGSM $ 28,000 / 28,000
M.Sc. with U of M Graduate Fellowship, MHRC, MGS, or Research MB Scholarship $ 26,600
M.Sc. (grant funded) $ 23,600
  • [1] Stipend amounts listed are only for guidance, in case of an error in this table, the amounts established by the Ph&A Main Office take precedence.
  • [2] Teaching assistantship is subject to availability and qualification (a good command of the English language is required). A typical annual teaching assistantship for a 1st year course is approximately $ 3000.
  • [3] All scholarships with the exception of NSERC fellowships are available to international students.
  • [4] The numbers in the table are projections for the coming year and can be subject to revision. Policy changes by national and provincial agencies and the university are beyond our control.
  • [5] The 1st-year NSERC fellowships contain a top-up provided by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Science. The amount shown here is approximate and subject to availability of funds.
  • [6] The amount listed includes a grant-funded top-up contingent on available funds.


Current academic year tuition fees are as described on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. Consult the links on the right hand side for the program you are applying for (full-time MSc or PhD). International students should note that if their entrance GPA is above 3.5, they generally will obtain a $4000 International Student Entrance Scholarship in their first year.

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Additional fellowships and stipends are available, for example the Ernst and Ingrid Bock award. Information about funding and awards from the Faculty of Graduate Studies is available here.

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For housing questions, please consult the UoM Housing & Student Life page.

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