Jacob Burgess, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, receives Innovation Proof-of-Concept Grant for Digital Fabrication of Low Cost Sub-Millimeter Wave Optics

Jacob Burgess, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Science, University of Manitoba has received an Innovation Proof-of-Concept Grant from Research Manitoba.

The announcement which was made on Oct. 21, 2021, represents an investment that supports Manitoba-based projects in the areas of Bioscience and Advanced Manufacturing.

Burgess’s research will explore the development of  Digital Fabrication of Low-Cost Sub-Millimeter Wave Optics.

As Research Manitoba reports:

One of the most rapidly expanding areas of optical technology is applied sub-millimeter wave light. Sub-millimeter wave body scanners are now a common sight at airports, allowing security personnel to detect hidden objects underneath clothing while exposing travellers only to low energy light that does not carry the same risks as X-ray light. The unique properties of sub-millimeter wave light that enable these safer body-scanners also make it an extraordinarily powerful tool in many other areas ranging from pharmaceutical quality control, health sciences, and communications in the upper atmosphere.

This research funding will foster research innovation, economic development, and the commercialization of products, through the movement of innovations from ideas to market usability.

“Our government is pleased to partner with Research Manitoba, in order to create jobs and support the development of local businesses,” said Minister of Economic Development and Jobs Jon Reyes. “By making investments in important research, we are helping Manitobans create innovative solutions that will help people across this province and beyond.”

“Congratulations to our recent Innovation Proof-of-Concept recipients,” said Karen Dunlop CEO, Research Manitoba. “We are proud to promote Manitoba’s economic growth by supporting local academic and industry research and development.”

These innovative projects will enhance and strengthen technology or product maturity towards market usability, encourage research and development that will accelerate technology transfer and commercialization of innovative products, processes, and services, and support talent development and build capacity for translational research in Manitoba.


Nov 3, 2021