Research Area

Condensed Matter Physics

We seek to bring new aspects of quantum mechanics to every day technology.

Condensed Matter Physics


Condensed matter physics involves the study of the interactions of atoms in matter and, in particular, new physical behaviour that emerges because of those interactions. The department hosts seven active research groups, two active senior scholars, and a total of over 30 students, postdoctoral researchers, and professors dedicated to the study of condensed matter physics. The department has a particular strength in and history of significant contributions to the study of magnetism.

Faculty Active in this Research Area

Assistant Professor

Jacob Burgess

318 Allen 204 474 6180

Johan van Lierop

322 Allen Bldg 204 474 6191
Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Can Ming Hu

332 Allen Bldg 204 474 6189
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

John Page

334 Allen Bldg 204 474 9852

Jesko Sirker

515 Allen Bldg 204 474 6192
Professor Emeritus

Byron Southern

320 Allen Bldg 204 474 6179
Professor (on leave)

Robert Stamps

301 Allen Bldg 204-474-9817
Senior Scholar

George Tabisz

204 474 7354 225 Allen Bldg
Senior Scholar

John Vail

522 Allen Bldg Senior Scholar
Professor Emeritus

Gwyn Williams

512 Allen Bldg 204 474 6187