Research Area

Mathematical Physics

We look at the language of the universe and work out new ways to describe physics.

Mathematical Physics


Mathematics is the language that we use to describe physics. In mathematical physics research we develop new mathematical tools that can be applied to understanding physics in new ways.

Faculty Active in this Research Area

Acting Department Head/Professor

Peter Blunden

Allen Building 509 204 480 1449
Associate Professor (on leave)

Jason Fiege

517 Allen Bldg 204 474 9671
Senior Scholar

Peter D. Loly

Allen Building 223 204 474 6890

Jesko Sirker

515 Allen Bldg 204 474 6192

Andreas Shalchi

219 Allen Bldg 204 474 9874

Khodr Shamseddine

207 Allen Bldg 204-474-6207
Professor Emeritus

Byron Southern

320 Allen Bldg 204 474 6179
Professor (on leave)

Robert Stamps

301 Allen Bldg 204-474-9817
Senior Scholar

John Vail

522 Allen Bldg Senior Scholar