Undergraduate Physics and Astronomy Courses

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers courses that reveal how nature works with topics ranging from how quantum probability governs our world to the lifecycle of stars to quantitative calculations involving billions of interacting particles.

* Course schedule changes every year. Check the current calendar when planning your degree and courses for the year.

Undergraduate Courses: 1000 Level

Physics 1020: General Physics I
Physics 1030: General Physics II
Physics 1050: Mechanics
Physics 1070: Waves and Modern Physics
Astronomy 1810: Introduction to Astronomy
Astronomy 1830: Life in the Universe

Undergraduate Courses: 2000 Level

Astronomy 2000: Foundations of Astrophysics
Physics 2010: Computational Modeling
Astronomy 2070: Observational Astronomy
Physics 2152: Modern Physics
Physics 2210: Electricity and Magnetism
Physics 2260: Optics
Physics 2270: Introductory Physics for Life Sciences
Physics 2272: Physics for Medicine & Biology
Physics 2350: Energy Sources
Physics 2386: Quantum I
Physics 2496: Mathematical Physics 1
Physics 2600: Electromagnetic Field Theory
Physics 2610: Introductory Electronics
Physics 2650: Classical Mechanics I

Undergraduate Courses: 3000 Level

Astronomy 3070: Observational Astronomy Project
Astronomy 3180: Stars
Physics 3220: Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement
Astronomy 3230: The Phenomenology of Galaxies
Physics 3386: Quantum II
Physics 3430: Honours Physics Laboratory
Physics 3496: Mathematical Physics 2
Physics 3570: Physics of Materials 1
Physics 3630: Electro - and Magnetostatic Theory
Physics 3650: Classical Mechanics 2
Physics 3670: Classical Thermodynamics

Undergraduate Courses: 4000 Level

Physics 4010: General Relativity and Gravitation
Astronomy 4020: Cosmology and Black Holes
Astronomy 4100: High-Energy Astrophysics
Astronomy 4200: Radio Astronomy
Physics 4250: Computational Physics
Physics 4300: Topics in Physics
Physics 4360: Medical Radiation Physics
Physics 4386: Quantum Mechanics 3
Astronomy 4400: Magnetohydrodynamics
Physics 4400: Medical Imaging
Physics 4516: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Physics 4520: Solid State Physics
Physics 4590: Advanced Optics
Physics 4600: Lasers and Applications
Physics 4620: Advanced Classical Mechanics
Physics 4646: EM Dynamics
Physics 4676: Honours Thesis - Proposal
Physics 4678: Honours Thesis - Dissertation
Physics 4680: Statistical Mechanics

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