Why are people fighting for the right to have nuclear waste buried in the back yard?

"Addressing the climate crisis with a plan for Canada's plan for spent nuclear fuel" by Dr. Jason Donev, University of Calgary

Abstract:    Nuclear power contributes roughly half of the world’s low carbon electricity and could do a great deal more. Public perception around the management of spent nuclear fuel prevents many people from supporting nuclear power, which prevents nuclear power from being expanded and adopted. This talk will discuss Canada’s plan for spent nuclear fuel and the role of physics education research in educating the public about the benefits and drawbacks of being near repository of spent nuclear fuel.

BIO:     Jason Donev has received awards for teaching and outreach, both nationally and at the University of Calgary. Dr. Donev teaches nuclear power, the senior project class for energy and a course that introduces issues related to energy to a non-technical audience, affectionately called ‘energy for everyone’. Dr. Donev is the lead on energyeducation.ca, the most used energy education resource for adults in the world. His interest in the combined problem of energy and climate led to being a reviewer for the IPCC SR1.5 in 2018. He regularly talks with communities that are looking at hosting Canada’s Deep Geologic Repository. Additionally Dr. Donev talks with advocates and interested parties all over the political spectrum about various energy issues, especially nuclear power and climate change

3:00 pm –  Caffeine, confections and congeniality room 316 Allen Building

5:15 pm –  Quaff, peck and ponder.

Lecture commences at 3:30 pm in 330 Allen Building.