Internal Funding Support Programs

Bridging Support Program

The Faculty of Science partners with the Office of the Vice President Research and International (VPRI) and individual departments within the Faculty of Science to provide bridging support for researchers who have had difficulty renewing their NSERC Discovery Grants. The exact details of this program are determined by VPRI and may vary from year to year.

Questions regarding eligibility, requirements and extent of support can be directed to the Associate Dean Research at

Faculty of Science Enhancement of Grant Stipends (SEGS)

The SEGS program provides co-funding for up to THREE graduate students per Tri-council grant that has already been assigned a GETS student. One of the three SEGS allocations can be used to support a postdoctoral fellow (1 maximum). The SEGS program will also co-fund graduate student stipends that are supported by non tri-council funding sources (grant and contracts) that support thesis research. Non tri-council funding sources must be at least two-years in duration to be eligible for SEGS support.
Please download the Application form (in PDF) for more details and instructions for how to apply.

Faculty of Science Interdisciplinary Research Grants

The purpose of these grants is to stimulate and encourage interdisciplinary research collaborations that initiate and strengthen research in new directions.  Collaborations can be within the Faculty of Science at University of Manitoba (UM), or across Faculties at the UM as long as the PI is a Faculty of Science faculty member. “Interdisciplinary” is broadly defined and may be found within departments, across departments, and across faculties.

Deadline to apply is October 15.  (If this day falls on a weekend, then the deadline will be the next business day)

Program Details and Application Guidelines

Field Work Support Program


The purpose of the Faculty of Science Field Work Support Program (FWSP) is to support field work in both research and teaching activities within the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. The focus is on enabling field work by offsetting the actual costs of doing work in the field. The program is not intended to provide alternative support in lieu of other sources of funding.


All full-time academic staff members in the Faculty of Science are eligible to apply to the FWSP in support of both research and teaching. Applications may be made on behalf of the staff members themselves or on behalf of students working with or studying with eligible staff members.

Nature and Extent of Support

Support under the FWSP could include a wide range of possibilities including such things as support for field work related travel costs (e.g., mileage, vehicle rental, airfare, accommodation, per-diems, etc.). Funding is explicitly intended to be used in the field (or to get to/from the field), including other travel (e.g., rental/purchase to get to sampling sites). Requests for costs associated with lab work after collection of specimens or student stipends will not be considered. Although there is not a specific limit on the amount of support that can be requested, requests for large amounts (i.e. > $7,500) need to be well justified. Applications for exploratory as well as established field work activities or teaching are welcome. All necessary approvals and certificates (whether for research or teaching related requests) must be either in place at the time of application or provided prior to receipt of awarded funds. Applications from groups of eligible staff will also be considered. This is meant to offset matching funds.

Competition Procedure and Program Administration

Submit completed proposals as a single pdf file with the title format as “surname_FWSP20” to . The deadline for submission is January 20, 2020. Please respect page limitations.  A brief 2 page report is required from all successful applicants within 3 months of the completion of the proposed research/ teaching activities that outlines the degree to which the proposed objectives were met and lists all documents (papers, manuals, etc.) resulting. Recipients are also asked to acknowledge the Field Work Support Program in all publications and media coverage resulting from the support provided. Questions may be directed to the chair of the Field Work Advisory Committee via e-mail at

FWSP Application 2020

Faculty of Science Research Innovation and Commercialization Grant

Open to individual faculty members within the Faculty of Science at University of Manitoba, or can be collaborative within departments or interdisciplinary across departments within the Faculty of Science. While the purpose of this funding is to support researchers within the Faculty of Science, collaborators external to the Faculty of Science may be involved in the project. Proposals can request up to a maximum of $10K per project. To be eligible for funding, attendance at a mentored consultation on concept development prior to proposal submission is required. Please see details provided in the NOI/Project Intake Form and Call for Proposals (full application).

Questions regarding eligibility and requirements may be directed to Dr. Jolen Galaugher, Industry Liaison Officer at

NOI/Project Intake Form

Call for Proposals (full application)

Please note: NOI submission is required. A mentored consultation to guide proposal development is required before submitting a full application.