SCI 3000 – Introduction to Science Policy (Winter 2021)

Professor:  Dr. Myrle Ballard

Course Objectives: The overarching objective of this course is to introduce students to Canadian and International Policies and Legislations that apply to Science and the ecosystem we share. Understanding Policies and Legislations are important in our lives and it is important to understand them and how they apply to us.   Lecture topics will focus more on contemporary approaches to current events and applying science quantitative and qualitative analytical observations as they apply to policies and legislations.

Course Format: Lectures (2 x 75-min week), Quizzes (3 in total), experiential lab, group project, mid-term and final exam. The lectures are divided into ten (10) modules with the interactive virtual laboratory consists of two (2) virtual interactions (two class times will be allocated to an experiential lab). The three (3) interactive lab quizzes are designed to understand practical applications to policy and legislation.

 Course Topics:

  1. Non-governmental organizations, Multi-corporations, Clean Environment Commission, Proponents, Opponents – understanding roles of the public and government – from local to international levels.
  2. Introduction to Species at Risk Act
    • Understanding the Public Registry
  3. National Energy Board
  4. Canada Water Act
  5. Fisheries Act
  6. Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
  7. Provincial Legislation
    • Natural Resources Transfer Act
    • Species at Risk
    • Clean Environment Commission
  8. International agreements
    • Convention on Biological Diversity
    • United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention
    • UNDRIP
    • RAMSAR
    • UNESCO
    • Other readings assigned

Voluntary Withdrawal Date:  March 31, 2021

Grading and Evaluation:

Midterm: 15%
Virtual Experiential Lab Assignment (2 classes): 10%
3 Quizzes (3 x 5): 15%
Group Exercise: 30%
Final exam: 30%