SCI 4000 – The Art of Scientific Visualization (Winter 2021)

Learning Objectives:

Learning outcome: The ability to apply techniques from the visual arts to scientific data in order to communicate scientific results and allow scientific discoveries.

Outline: In this ‘hands-on’ course, techniques from the visual arts are applied to scientific data in order to communicate scientific results clearly and allow discoveries. Training is provided in: human perception and how images are read; how to use visual grammar (including 2-D spatial and colour composition); the practices of creating explanatory and exploratory visualizations enhancing discovery science; the skills for generating striking public outreach imagery; and computer skills for creating mouse-driven interactive graphics. This trans-disciplinary course suits graduate and upper year undergraduate students that explore data in any field in science, engineering, economics, the humanities, etc.

Target Groups:
– Students preparing for scientific research (including social sciences and economics).
– Upper year undergraduates and graduate students.
– Art Students interested in applying skills to scientific visualization.

Pre-requisites: No formal courses are pre-requisites. (Some experience with computers is necessary.)