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Data Science Conference and Student Challenge Nexus 2021

The Faculty of Science is hosting a virtual Data Science Conference and Student Challenge, Nexus 2021, Bridging Academia and Industry, May 19-21,2021. The virtual conference will explore new and emerging trends in Digital Agriculture (May 19), Public Health (May 20), Transportation and Logistics, (May 21). Full-Conference Registration (three days) includes access to all keynote presentations and three additional presentations per day....



Join our two invited speakers, Mr. Chenwei Bai and Mr. Zhiyong Jin for their talk on Thursday, April 8th. TALK 1 Time: 2:30pm on Thursday, April 8 Speaker: Mr. Chenwei Bai, Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba Title of the talk: Comparison of Forecasting Methods for Covid-19 Abstract: Covid-19 is a global challenge that requires research from all areas....



Join Ms. Kelly Ramsay, a PhD student form University of Waterloo for their talk on Thursday, March 4th about “Differential Privacy & Data Depth Functions”. ABSTRACT: The goal of the talk is to give a gentle introduction to differential privacy and present some of my recent research related to private inference. Differential privacy is a...



Join Dr. Andrew MacDonald, a statistical ecologist based in Montreal for their talk on Thursday, February 11th about “Wild-Caught Data and Half-Tame Models: Applied Statistics Out in the Field”. ABSTRACT: The jungle is a tough environment for statistics.  Data is messy, incomplete, and full of measurement error. Models based on domain expertise often clash with...


Meet Robert Tate, 2021 Honoured Alumni, Faculty of Science

Meet Robert Tate, 2021 Honoured Alumni, Faculty of Science FEBRUARY 2, 2021 —  Statistics is unique in that it could integrate with and transcend into almost every other discipline. This uniqueness is evident in Dr. Robert Tate’s body of research, having collaborated with individuals and teams in various fields of health and social sciences, locally, nationally, and internationally....



Join Shabnam Balamchi, a PhD student from the University of Manitoba for her talk on Thursday, February 4th about “Repeated Events in Spatial Count Data with an Application to Disease Mapping”. ABSTRACT: Mixed models are commonly used to analyze spatial data which frequently occur in practice such as in health sciences and life studies. It...


5 Days of Positivity

Join us for the 5-Days of Positivity Challenge next week January 18 – 22, 2021, on social media! Together let’s get our Winter Term 2021 off to a great start! Why Participate? The Science of Positive thinking is more than warm fuzzy thoughts! Research suggests that positive thinking can not only help you feel better...


Science and Art: Exploration, Imagination and Innovation – with Erwin Huebner

Please join Professor Emeritus Erwin Huebner on Wednesday, December 16th at 3:30 pm for his lecture, entitled “Science and Art: Exploration, Imagination and Innovation – Artist Books Inspired by Science”. Presented via Livestream, this public talk is part of the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Faculty of Science. In addition to his presentation, Dr. Huebner will unveil his new book: “Celebrating the People of...


Faculty of Science introduces the Wawatay program for Indigenous students

Dennis Ballard is working with Manitoba First Nations to recruit Indigenous students interested in becoming Indigenous scientists and supporting health, environment, technology and industry in their own home communities. Ballard is leading the new Wawatay program where the first cohort of UM Indigenous students will journey together through a bachelor of science degree. The long-term...


Ambassadors of science – new science communications course

In his 1374 epic poem “Troilus and Criseyde”, Geoffrey Chaucer offered up the following observation:  “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” The idea that big things come from small beginnings is a concept of which Christina Penner is well aware. The Computer Science instructor received notice of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada...