Statistical consulting services

Our mission

To act as a resource, offering flexible and customized consultation services to our clients in academia (the University of Manitoba students and faculty), government, industry, and non-profit sectors. To participate in collaborative projects and multidisciplinary teams, applying best practices and leveraging highly qualified personnel to enhance project and business outcomes.

What we offer

Data collection or experimental design

Need help with data collection or experimental design? Our highly-qualified graduate students can help you:

  • Plan your data collection
  • Design your analytic methodology for proposals and
  • project planning
  • Design reliable quality control methods
  • Implement and interpret quantitative results

Data analysis

Too much data, unanalyzed data, or an incomplete data analysis strategy? Our graduate students can help you:

  • Clean, merge and map your data
  • Analyze or summarize your data, including exploratory and complex data analysis, visual
    methods for data analysis, longitudinal and hierarchical data analysis, forecasting, etc.
  • Build or model your data
  • Develop a tailored data analysis strategy

Our MSc- and PhD-level graduate students have experience and expertise using several statistical software packages (R, Python, SAS).

Contact us

Please contact us for hourly rates. Depending on the nature and complexity of your project, free services may be available through our Statistical Consulting course. For information about our services, or to set up an initial consultation to discuss your project, please email