Join Ashani Wickramasinghe from the University of Manitoba for her talk on Thursday, December 3rd about “Social Network Analysis and Community detection on Spread of COVID-19”.


In this talk, I will describe the epidemic spread using social network analysis, based on data from the first three months of the COVID-19 outbreak across the world and Canada. We use network visualization methods to understand the spread of coronavirus among countries, and the impact of other countries on the spread of coronavirus. The degree centrality is used to identify the main influencing countries. We then use Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGM) to identify the processes that influence the link creation between countries. We also conduct a comparative analysis of the communities, using community detection algorithms: Infomap, Label Propagation, Spinglass, and Louvain algorithms.

DATE: Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

WHERE: Zoom (see below for more information)

WHEN: 2:30pm

If you wish to attend a Statistics Seminar please contact Po Yang ( or Leah Phillips ( from the U of M’s Statistics Department for more details and Zoom meeting information.