After STAT 1000…

What is your next step?

You have completed STAT 1000 and have discovered that statistics is interesting and useful. You now want to take further courses in statistics, or possibly become a statistician! So, what courses should you take? Here are the options for your next course:

  • STAT 2000 (Basic Statistical Analysis II) is a continuation of STAT 1000. This course, which is taken by students in many disciplines, covers more advanced statistical methods and leads to further courses in applied statistics. The only requirement to take this course is a grade of C or better in STAT 1000.
  • STAT 2400 (Introduction to Probability I) introduces the basic concepts of probability and provides a solid foundation for further courses in mathematical statistics. Applications of probability in many areas are provided, including forensic science, games of chance, genetics, reliability and statistical inference. The prerequisites for STAT 2400 are a grade of C or better in STAT 1000 and in one of MATH 1700 or MATH 1690.

STAT 2000 and STAT 2400 are required courses in any honours or major program in statistics and are normally taken during the second year. More details are provided in the brochure below. During Winter session, STAT 2000 is offered in a number of slots and STAT 2400 is in slot 2. Both courses will also be available in Summer session.

Download a print version of After STAT 1000 (PDF)