Registration Tips

Attend a pre-registration information session, plan your timetable, check your registration time, and get ready to start course registration.

You will be registering online for courses using Aurora StudentYou will not have access to the Aurora Student Registration section until your registration time starts.

Aurora Student includes on-line tutorials that will show you:

  • How to use Aurora Student
  • How to find out when courses are offered
  • How to find your Registration Time
  • How to register

Remember, if you get stuck during registration, you can access the online tutorials anytime.

Tips to Remember:

  • Some first-year Science courses require you to also register for a laboratory/tutorial section. Make sure you register for those in addition to the main lecture.
  • Some courses are only offered in one term.
  • Some courses have restrictions. Still try to register for the course – the restriction might be for you.

Need additional academic planning support? We recognize that each student’s situation is unique and that first-year course selections can be overwhelming. Please know our knowledgeable and friendly Science Academic Advisors are here to support you.