Exams and Appeals

A final examination is a test scheduled within an examination period which serves as the final evaluation of student performance in a course.

Exam Schedules

For most faculties/schools, final examinations are conducted twice during the Fall/Winter Session:

  • December Exams: for Fall Term Final Exams and mid-term tests for Fall/Winter spanned courses.
  • April/May Exams: for Winter Term and Fall/Winter Term spanned course Final Exams.

A preliminary schedule of final examinations and midterm tests, scheduled and arranged by the Registrar’s Office, is posted on the Registrar’s Office web site and on boards around campus as follows:

  • in late October for Fall term courses and
  • in mid-February for Winter term and full (spanned) courses.

A finalized exam schedule will be posted approximately two weeks after the preliminary schedule.
Check the finalized exam schedule very carefully by lecture section numbers for each of your courses.

A personal exam schedule is available using ‘My Exams’ in Aurora, or by viewing the exam schedules on the Registrar’s Office Website.

Summer Term Exams:

  • Specific exam dates are found in the Aurora Class Schedule, except for Distance & Online Education courses.
  • Distance & Online Education exam schedules for Summer Term are normally made available in June, for the July exam series, and in July, for the August exam series.

Students in online courses, who requested to write a final examination at an off-campus location will be notified via the Exam Location Management widget on their UM Learn course homepage regarding the scheduled date, time and location of their final exam(s). Off-campus final exams are scheduled during the UM examination period. However, the date and time for final examinations written off-campus may differ from the exam schedule posted by the Registrar’s Office. Students should familiarize themselves with the examination regulations and other policies and procedures regarding academic integrity.

Instructor-Scheduled Exams

There may be instructor-scheduled final exams which will not appear on the final exam timetable prepared by the Registrar’s Office. Be sure to consult your instructor/department regarding such exams.

Final Grades

Final grades in Fall term courses (September-December) are usually available through Aurora Student in early January. Winter term (January-April) and full course (September-April) results are usually available through Aurora Student in early May.

Students’ Exam Responsibilities:

  1. During the examination, you will be required to present your picture identification card.
  2. Students must remain available until all examination and test obligations have been fulfilled. Travel plans are not an acceptable reason for missing examinations.
  3. When you review the preliminary and final exam schedules, check for any examination conflicts (i.e., more than one examination at the same time) and if you find a conflict, advise the Registrar’s Office immediately.
  4. Students who have three exams in a row (e.g. Monday afternoon, Monday evening, and Tuesday morning) are permitted to make alternate arrangements by contacting a Science Advisor as soon as the exam schedule is known. Please note that a compact exam timetable may be necessary, but unchangeable. For example, Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and Tuesday afternoon do not constitute three consecutive exams and you would not be eligible to request rescheduling.

Off-campus Exam Responsibilities

Distance and On-line Courses

Students enrolled in distance and online courses may elect to write their exam off-campus, if they live further than two hours (one way travel time) from Winnipeg.

Students electing to write their exam off-campus must declare an off-campus exam location within the EXAM LOCATION MANAGEMENT WIDGET; in their UMLearn Course.

The widget is available from the start of the course until an applicable deadline in each term.  The deadline date is noted in the widget, in Important Dates and Deadlines  , and on The Centre website.

For more information, please contact examsoffcampus@umanitoba.ca.

On-campus courses

Students who are unable to write regular, deferred or supplemental examinations on-campus in Winnipeg may request permission of the Registrar’s Office to write at an approved centre elsewhere in Canada.

Applications must be made, in person at the Registrar’s office, no later than four weeks prior to the start of the exam period in which the exam is to be written. The Registrar’s Office may not be able to make suitable arrangements for writing at some locations. Students are responsible for all costs incurred.


  • Off-campus examination fee, per exam paper: $85.00 (subject to change)
  • Invigilation costs: Variable by location
  • Courier costs: Variable by location

Student Access to View Final Exams in the Faculty of Science

If you are taking a Science course and are considering appealing your final grade, you may view your final exam to help you with your appeal decision.

Each Science department has developed its own application form and process for final exam viewing. Application forms are available from the department offices. Application dates and deadlines, viewing dates and regulations will vary from department to department.

These regulations apply only to Faculty of Science courses, not to courses offered by other faculties or units.

For students who wish to view their final examinations solely for educational purposes, (to gain a better understanding of the subject material based on examination question results), applications may be submitted after the appeal deadline.

Deferring an Examination

Requests for deferred examinations are made to the student’s faculty, school, or academic advising office.

If you miss a final examination for medical or compassionate reasons, you may be granted a deferred examination. Applications for a deferred examination after the examination has been missed must be filed within 2 business days (Monday – Friday) of the date of the missed examination. A medical certificate or other appropriate documentation may be required.

Students with known exam conflicts due to religious observance (interfaith calendar), participation in specific scholastic and athletic events, or a medical condition may request a deferred exam. Applications for a deferred examination due to a known conflict, as indicated here, must be filed 20 working days prior to the date of the scheduled exam. Travel plans are not an acceptable reason for missing an exam.

Deferred examinations normally take place within 30 working days from the end of the examination series from which the examination was deferred. Writing a make-up exam at your convenience may not be an option.

Deferred Exam Instructions

Deferred exams may be granted to students who are unable to write a final exam on the official posted date for medical, compassionate, or special reasons, if the application for deferred exam is accompanied by specific documentation that confirms incapacity on the exam date or dates. Deferring an examination is a privilege and may not always be granted.

  1. Students must apply for a deferred exam within 48 hours of the missed exam. If more than one exam is missed, the deferral application must be submitted within 48 hours of the last exam missed.
  2. Deferrals are not usually granted in advance of the exam.
  3. Deferrals must be processed in person.
  4. Documentation for the application must satisfy the following criteria:
    1. Be an original; copies of the document will not be accepted. If the original is needed for other purposes, a copy will be made and retained in the Faculty of Science.
    2. Specify that the exam was missed for the reasons noted.
    3. Be obtained on date of the missed exam.
    4. Dates on the documents must cover the date(s) of the missed exam.
    5. Official document, for example: medical certificates, police reports, counselling/treatment letter, obituary, death certificate, legal documents, etc.
  5. All documentation is subject to confirmation. Falsification or fabrication of documentation will result in academic suspension for disciplinary reasons. Other penalties may also apply.
  6. Students who miss one exam and write another exam on the same day must obtain detailed documentation that explains/confirms inability to write one and not the other.
  7. Students requesting deferred examinations who have been granted deferred examinations in two or more terms previously at the University of Manitoba MUST appeal formally to the Faculty of Science Committee on Student Standing (CSS). Students who are requesting re-deferral may also be required to submit their request to CSS at the discretion of the Associate Dean. Retroactive deferred exams (where the exam has already been written) are not permitted.
  8. If a request for a deferred exam is approved, students must check with the department(s) immediately to determine when they will write the deferral, unless the deferral time is advised at the point of approval.
  9. Students will not be granted re-deferral for failure to know the date of the deferral.

Appeal of Final Grades

If a student has good reason to believe a mistake has been made in the assessment of the original grade, an appeal of the assigned grade may be made. A student may enter an appeal, through the Registrar’s Office, for assessment of one or more final grades following the posting of grades by the faculty/ school/department. An appealed grade cannot be lowered.

Deadlines to appeal a Final Grade:

  • Fall Term: Fifteen (15) working days from when the University reopens in January.
  • Winter Term: Fifteen (15) working days after Victoria Day (includes Fall/Winter spanned courses).
  • Summer Term: Thirty (30) working days following the end of the applicable exam period.

Students should note that the deadline for appeal of assigned final grades will not be extended for students who are on ‘hold status’ nor will official grades be released by the Registrar’s Office until the hold has been cleared.

A fee is charged for each appealed grade (see form for current rate); this will be refunded for any grade which is changed.

First, speak informally with your instructor. Discuss your concerns with your instructor during his/her office hours or at another agreed upon time. He/she may provide you with valuable feedback on why you received the grade that you did, or may be willing to review your paper or exam again.

Filing a Final Grade Appeal:

Step 1:
Complete a Final Grade Appeal Form, available at the Registrar’s Office, 400 University Centre or here. Indicate the grounds for your appeal. If you require more space, attach a separate letter to the form.

Step 2:
If applicable, attach a copy of the exam to be reviewed, a course outline, or any other documents relevant to your appeal.

Step 3:
Pay the $35.00 fee using the following options:

  • Debit or Credit Card payments can be done at the Registrar’s Office.
  • Cash payments must be done at the Cashier’s office at 138 University Center.

Submit the form, letter, and any other documents to the Registrar’s Office, 400 University Centre. The fee is refunded for a grade that is raised as a result of appeal. Be sure to keep your receipt.

After your appeal is submitted:
Your appeal package will be forwarded to the department offering the course. Generally, there will be a second review of your final exam by the professor and a third party (either another professor or an appeal committee). You will receive a letter in the mail from the Registrar’s Office with the decision of your appeal, within 30 days of the grade appeal deadline. A final grade cannot be lowered as a result of an appeal.