Fourth & Fifth Year

What to do in Fourth & Fifth Year – 120 credits

  • Meet with your science advisor to review your progress.
  • Meet with your co-op advisor (if applicable).
  • Confirm eligibility to graduate with a science advisor and declare intent to graduate in Aurora.
  • Apply to graduate school. Finalize your application materials and take required tests. Use the awards database to search for funding and awards to help finance your continuing education. Contact your department to find out how they advertise their awards.
  • Present your research (if applicable): Present your research at national or international student research competitions such as: CAP Congress or CSC Conference, the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference or SSC Student Conference.
  • Start job search 9 months in advance. Contact Career Services to refine your job search and self-marketing strategies. You can visit the office up to 6 months after graduation.
  • Ensure you have references in place. Assess your resume. Identify any gaps in experience and fill them through volunteering, work placements or internships such as the Science and Technology Internship Program.