Facility Improvements

Undergraduate Science Labs and Teaching Facilities

We have been pursuing a slow steady modernization of our labs, but much remains to be done. To embrace modern teaching techniques and give our students the modern experimental science experience they deserve, recognizing the central role the basic sciences play in so many professions, the Faculty of Science uses these funds to renovate and modernize teaching facilities and laboratories to create and expand upon our dynamic learning environments.

Biological Sciences Greenhouse Renewal

The greenhouse is a hub of community outreach and volunteer training where we plant the seeds of inspiration. Our living plant collection is uniquely mobile and serves as a distinctive function as it is directly connected to major classrooms where thousands of students each year learn about biology. It also hosts school and community groups on site. Personal interactions with plants in the greenhouse actually turn brown thumbs green, and excite future learning! Your support will help to renew our aging, but valuable facility with space that is open to public use, and supports specialized teaching collections through full environmental control for plant growth.