Student Awards

Science Outreach Fund

The Science Outreach Fund helps stimulate the next generation of scientists and science-minded learners to discover the unknown and invent the future through outreach activities hosted by the Faculty of Science. This fund supports programming for events such as Science Rendezvous and science fairs for children of all ages, fueling a love of science – and providing University of Manitoba students with hands-on experience through volunteer opportunities.

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Science and research are inextricably linked. Our Undergraduate Research Opportunities initiative consists of paid summer “research internships”, where undergraduate students get their brains and hands “dirty” so to speak, conducting cutting edge research within faculty across the sciences, math, statistics, and computer science. In addition to acquiring knowledge in the latest developments in science and technology, they acquire special communication and presentation skills, they think creatively, and interact and forge closer ties with the established scientists and members of their groups.