By offering social, academic and personal supports, Wawatay is designed to increase Indigenous student success at graduating with a science degree.

The goal of Wawatay is to support and challenge promising students to build confidence and competence while enriching their lives and their community through science. With a focus on developing potential, as opposed to fixing deficiencies, Wawatay creates a path and a way to overcome obstacles in pursuit of a science degree.

Community-Focused Research

Wawatay takes a holistic and immersive approach. There’s a strong emphasis on research from the very beginning. Also, the program infuses an appreciation of Indigenous approaches while increasing each student’s scientific proficiency. The program offers academic and personal support.

True to its name, Wawatay sheds light, which goes beyond individuals and into their home communities. Through community-focused research, creates opportunities and potentially strengthens health and economies.