Light pollution altering avian migration, UM study finds

New findings show that artificial light at night— “ALAN”—impacts the timing of spring migration, as migratory birds use light cues to initiate their journeys.
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Discover topics in biology, botany, ecology, genetics and zoology

Jim Roth

The arctic fox: and ecosystem engineer

Understanding the role of predators and their prey

Climate change may be putting beluga whales out of their depths

Shifting prey bases affecting beluga's oxygen stores and diving capacity
Gary Anderson

Protecting Nature's living fossil lake sturgeon

Mark Belmonte & steve whyard

Enhancing plant performance and protecting canada's most important crops

Kevin Fraser

Exploring the factors affecting the migratory patterns of songbirds

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Pathways to Exceptional Achievement - Career Panel Discussion

On Thursday, February 4, 2021, celebrate the incredible achievements of our 2021 honoured alumni, and join us for a discussion...


“The Molecular Mechanisms of Memory” - with Don Davies, Indigenous Science Scholar Candidate

Join the Faculty of Science for a research talk with Don Davies, Indigenous Science Scholar Candidate.


Meet Indigenous Science Scholar Candidate Don Davies

Join us via Zoom and meet with Dr. Don Davies, our Indigenous Science Scholar Candidate. Dr. Don Davies, St. Boniface...


“Action potentials and action-oriented mentorship” - Don Davies Indigenous Science Candidate

Join us for a teaching and pedagogy lecture with Don Davies, Indigenous Science Candidate


Cdn Light Source - Weaving Western Science into Indigenous Education Programs

Join Canadian Lightsource for a talk on ways to collaborate with educational organizations to enhance First Nation, Metis, and Inuit...


Acakosuk…The Stars - Discover the night sky with elder Wilfred Buck, Opaskwayak Cree Nation

Discover Acakosuk...The Stars. Cree understandings of the constellations and perspective of our night sky presented by elder Wilfred Buck, Opaskwayak...


Winter Term Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline

Mar. 31, 2021 Winter Term Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline


Good Friday (University closed)

Apr. 2, 2021 Good Friday (University closed)


Last day of classes for Winter Term

Apr. 16, 2021 Last day of classes for Winter Term


Winter Term Final Exam period

Apr. 19, 2021 - May. 1, 2021 Winter Term Final Exam period


Science Co-op earns national accreditation

The Faculty of Science is pleased to announce the Science Co-op Program has received accreditation by the Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL). CEWIL accreditation recognizes the highest quality of post-secondary co-operative programs. Dean Stefi Baum is delighted by the news. “We have been working diligently to integrate quality, experiential learning opportunities throughout our programs for our students;...


Meet Kyle Elliott, a 2021 Honoured Alumni Award recipient

Meet Dr. Kyle Elliott [MSc./08, Ph.D./14] a biological sciences graduate, and recipient of the Faculty of Science 2021 Honoured Alumni Awards.  Dr. Elliott is an Assistant Professor; Canada Research Chair (Tier II) Chair in Arctic Ecology, McGill University. An expert in evolutionary research into seabird physiology and behavior. His work is interdisciplinary, benefiting from his diverse educational...


Meet Dr. Emily Choy, 2021 Honoured Alumni, Faculty of Science

Dr. Emily Choy [Ph.D./17], a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University and Environment and Climate Change Canada has been tirelessly contributing to research on climate change and its effect on the Canadian North. She has been collaborating with local Inuit and Indigenous peoples to further her work on how climate change impacts the Arctic ecosystem, specifically seabirds. Through...


Research project to analyze human viruses in Winnipeg’s rivers

Does wastewater that’s been cleaned by Winnipeg’s sewage treatment plants carry viruses – including the virus that causes COVID-19 – when it’s released into our rivers? Jhannelle Francis plans to find out. Francis is a UM master’s student in microbiology and a participant in the Visual and Automated Disease Analytics (VADA) Program – a training...

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