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Discover topics in biology, botany, ecology, genetics and zoology

Jim Roth

The arctic fox: and ecosystem engineer

Understanding the role of predators and their prey

Climate change may be putting beluga whales out of their depths

Shifting prey bases affecting beluga's oxygen stores and diving capacity
Gary Anderson

Protecting Nature's living fossil lake sturgeon

Mark Belmonte & steve whyard

Enhancing plant performance and protecting canada's most important crops

Kevin Fraser

Exploring the factors affecting the migratory patterns of songbirds

News & Events


The Echo Index and Multistability in Input-Driven Recurrent Neural Networks, Lorenzo Livi

Join Lorenzo Livi, Department of Computer Science for a talk on 2020/2021 NEXUS ONLINE DATA ENLIGHTENING SERIES, (NODES) SEMINAR SERIES


Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Bannatyne Campus

Are you an undergraduate student who is curious about paid research opportunities on the Bannatyne campus? Join us on Zoom...

Location: Online


Interactive Visualization Dashboards with R

Interactive Visualization Dashboards with R


My Eureka Moments from STEM Projects - Dr. Stephen Cheng

Join Dr. Stephen Cheng, University of Regina for a Science Pedagogy talk on My Eureka Moments from STEM Projects and...


Career Café

Join this online event and jump-start your career plans. Meet one-on-one to consult with employers from different industry sectors.

Location: online


Summer Research Information Session: Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Learn how to get experience in summer research!

Location: Zoom


Open Data: Manitoba Annual Crop Inventory

This session provides an overview of open data and how it can be used. Focus will be on the Annual...


Cosmos and canvas - Dr. Jayanne English, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy - UM Virtual Learning Series

Explore the process of astronomy image making with Dr. Jayanne English, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy.


Machine Learning in Python - Part 2

Machine Learning in Python


Last day of classes

Last day of classes - http://umanitoba.ca/registrar/important-dates-deadlines


Ambassadors of science – new science communications course

In his 1374 epic poem “Troilus and Criseyde”, Geoffrey Chaucer offered up the following observation:  “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” The idea that big things come from small beginnings is a concept of which Christina Penner is well aware. The Computer Science instructor received notice of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada...


New courses! Winter 2021

Check out the following new interdisciplinary courses offered in Winter 2021! Interdisciplinary courses integrate concepts and knowledge from different scientific disciplines providing a more holistic view of a particular topic. Several exciting courses with elements of biology, chemistry, computer science, astronomy, mathematics, statistics, physics, and data science are currently available. For more information please visit...


Winners of the 2020 3MT Undergraduate Student Competition

The winners of the 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience 3MT thesis competition hosted by the Faculty of Science are: LIFE SCIENCES 1st Place: Juanita Garcia – “Can we use current to treat orthostatic hypotension after spinal cord injury?” Supervisor: Dr. Kristine Cowley, Department of Physiology 2nd Place: Kyra Cebula  – “Brain Imaging-Based Biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease” Supervisor:...


Meet this year’s Schulich Scholarship recipient: Shubhneet Thind

SHUBHNEET THIND, A FACULTY OF SCIENCE STUDENT, IS A 2020 SCHULICH LEADERS SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT. Thind has been passionate about the sciences ever since she can remember. In grade 7 that passion was confirmed when she won a science award for her enthusiasm and dedication to the field of study. Thind honed her love of science...

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