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Urban lighting needs to consider migrating birds, new UM study suggests

UM RESEARCHERS LOOKED AT HOW THE NOCTURNAL EASTERN WHIP-POOR-WILL, SEEN HERE, INTERACTS WITH LIGHT POLLUTION WHILE MAKING ITS 4,000-KILOMETER MIGRATION. //PHOTO: ALICIA KORPACH APRIL 28, 2022 —  University of Manitoba researchers have published a paper that challenges the way we think about airspace. By equipping some migratory birds with a GPS backpack, the biologists provided new...


One fish, two fish, big fish, old fish – Just off your cottage’s dock, are there sturgeon or pike nearby?

Sturgeon spawn only intermittently and are very sensitive to changes in their environment. Today, there are very few sturgeon left, some in the Assiniboine River, almost none in the Red River, and pockets of populations in the Winnipeg and Nelson River systems. They can be detected using environmental DNA (eDNA) that can detect molecules sloughed...


UM researcher and American colleagues discover new genus of plants

APPLE BAY ON VANCOUVER ISLAND, WHERE BOTANISTS DISCOVERED AN ANCIENT FORM OF PLANT LIFE. UM biologist Az Klymiuk along with colleagues Gar Rothwell and Ruth Stockey of Oregon State University have discovered a new genus of ancient plants that is unlike any other plant on Earth, living or extinct. read full story


Celebrating the Co-op student of the year

APRIL 4, 2022 —  UM co-op students have consistently made exceptional contributions to one or more of their employers. The UM Co-op Champion Award recognizes the achievements that our talented students make while out on their work terms. This year’s recipient is fourth-year Asper student, Tanvi Sikand, who was truly driven to make the most out...


Apply for an Emerging Leader Award

APRIL 4, 2022 —  We had the opportunity to catch up with Clare Brigham, a fourth-year Faculty of Science student who was recognized as one of the 64 recipients of the Emerging Leader Award. This annual award recognizes UM student leaders who go above and beyond to make an impact in the community. Emerging Leaders show a...


Cities drive evolution around globe, Science study reports

The largest-ever field project investigating evolution began eight years ago with a tweet essentially asking, Hey, who wants to study clover? THE TWEET THAT STARTED IT ALL Evolutionary biologists Aleeza Gerstein and Colin Garroway (alongside undergraduate student Rebekah Kukurudz) in the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Science eagerly responded to this query. They wanted to put Winnipeg on the...


Meet your speakers at the 2022 Turtle Island Indigenous Science Conference!

Emily McKinnon is an Instructor and Science Education Specialist with the Access & Aboriginal Focus Programs at the University of Manitoba. She teaches biology and statistics, provides support for students in science courses, and participates in a variety of outreach programs, including Path2Math Summer Academy for Indigenous students, Health Career Quest Camp for Northern students, Northern Student-Led Arctic Research Program, and Math Mania & Bio Buzz. Emily is passionate about science, and interested in land-based experiential learning, two-eyed seeing concepts of science and promoting equity and diversity in STEM.

Register for the 2022 Turtle Island Indigenous Science Conference at (Link in stories and bio)

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Workshop Alert! (GradSteps)

Citing Sources: Why, When, and How (Zoom)

Date: May 18, 2022
Time: 4:00 - 5:00 pm CT.

Presented by the Academic Learning Centre (ALC)

Register now through

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Interview Preparation Workshop – Distance Delivery

Date: May 19, 2022

Interview nerves are real. Meeting new people, communicating your skills and strengths, asking the right questions, and making a great first impression are all skills you need to improve and master for your next interview. This workshop is here to do just that!

Sign in to Career Connect using your UM email, and register!

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Workshop Alert! (GradSteps)

Using Multidisciplinary Databases (Zoom)

Date: May 16 & 18, 2022

Presented by UM Libraries

Register now through (link in stories)

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You can watch the full talk on our YouTube Channel 💙

Link in bio 💚

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Leveraging LinkedIn in Your Career – Distance Delivery

Dates: May 17 & 21, 2022

LinkedIn has turned out to be the go-to place for recruiters and companies to look for their ideal candidates. Many professors and laboratories are now taking their open research positions to LinkedIn. An outstanding and optimized profile on LinkedIn can help you stand out in your career journey. There is a lot that goes into a great profile and this workshop would be the best place to start.

Sign in to Career Connect using your UM email, and register!

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