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Dr. Mark Belmonte appointed to expert panel by the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA)

MAY 31, 2022 —  DR. MARK BELMONTE, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES. PHOTO CREDIT: KIRA KOOP. Mark Belmonte, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba, has been appointed as a member of the Expert Panel on Gene-edited Organisms for Pest Control at the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA), which has been tasked by the federal government and Health Canada’s...


Meet Raphaël Clouâtre, 2021 Rh Award Winner in the Natural Sciences category

MAY 27, 2022 — Raphaël Clouâtre is an associate professor in the mathematics department, whose research seeks to understand the structure of infinite matrices. Clouâtre is the 2021 recipient of the Terry G. Falconer Memorial Rh Institute Foundation Emerging Researcher Award in the Natural Sciences category, in recognition of his theories underlying recent developments in operator algebras...


Meet Aleeza Gerstein, 2021 Rh Award Winner in the Health Sciences category

Aleeza Gerstein is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Science, who specializes in the evolution of human fungal pathogens. Her interdisciplinary lab combines clinical sampling, microbial experiments, and computational statistical methods to understand conditions that promote disease. Gerstein is the 2021 recipient of the Terry G. Falconer Memorial Rh Institute Foundation Emerging Researcher Award...


Meet Sabine Kuss, 2021 Rh Award Winner in the Applied Sciences Category

Sabine Kuss investigates molecule transport across cell membranes by electrochemistry. The transport of metabolites, ions and pharmaceuticals is a crucial part of survival mechanisms for any living cell. The overall goal is to detect diseases, such as cancer, and to understand the development of medical phenomena, such as antimicrobial drug resistance, endocrinological diseases and mitochondrial...


Elite researchers recognized with Rh Awards

MAY 27, 2022 — As UM Today reports: Eight UM faculty members will receive Rh Awards, recognizing excellence in research, scholarly work and creative activities. For more than 50 years, the Rh Awards have been in place to support the advancement of knowledge across disciplines at UM. Funds for the Rh Awards come from the royalties of...


Urban lighting needs to consider migrating birds, new UM study suggests

UM RESEARCHERS LOOKED AT HOW THE NOCTURNAL EASTERN WHIP-POOR-WILL, SEEN HERE, INTERACTS WITH LIGHT POLLUTION WHILE MAKING ITS 4,000-KILOMETER MIGRATION. //PHOTO: ALICIA KORPACH APRIL 28, 2022 —  University of Manitoba researchers have published a paper that challenges the way we think about airspace. By equipping some migratory birds with a GPS backpack, the biologists provided new...


Begin every writing task, whether thesis or email, by asking yourself "To whom am I writing?" and "What response do I want?"

Christina Penner, Instructor and Faculty Lead for Student Professional Development at the Department of Computer Science, talked about writing as a means to communicate our scientific research as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research (SURE) program on June 27, 2022.

Students, almost all of whom were attending the workshop for the first time, got to experience this 2 hour-interactive session and shared what they learned at the end. Among which were the importance of knowing one's audience when writing, awareness of bias in scientific writing, structuring one's writing process, and getting a sense of community that they were not alone in dealing with writing tasks.

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Discover Wawatay at the UM Faculty fo Science, for emerging Indigenous scientists and scholars!

Apply today!

Learn more at

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[PART 2] Welcome to the herd 🎉
Are you a science student and missed the orientation? No worries, we've got you covered!

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[PART 1] Welcome to the herd 🎉
Are you a science student and missed the orientation? No worries, we've got you covered!

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Discover Mentoring! – Distance Delivery

Date: June 13 & 30, 2022

One of the most valuable experiences throughout your studies and professional journey could be the lessons you learn from your mentors. A great mentor-mentee relationship is sometimes exactly what you might be lacking to excel in your field. But where to start looking for a mentor? Do we just ask people to be our mentors? And even if that were the case, whom do we ask? These and many more questions are going to be covered in this workshop. You’re going to walk away from this workshop feeling empowered and clear about your next steps in finding the right mentors and cultivating an amazing mentor-mentee relationship.

Sign in to Career Connect using your UM email, and register!

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Bringing more than 300 researchers to Winnipeg to talk and learn about Indigenous Science? Yes, we did that!

In a recent article written by Sam Thompson at the Global News @globalnews @global_winnipeg, Dr. Myrle Ballard talks about the 2022 Turtle Island Indigenous Science Conference and the positive impact it has had so far.

Read more at (link in stories)

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