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Scientists achieve higher precision weak force measurement between protons, neutrons

Michael Gericke professor for subatomic physics led precision experiment team

The role of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in fisheries management

Indigenous Scholar, Dr. Myrle Ballard explains

New! Bachelor of Science (Major) in Data Science

Degree program will incorporate Science Co-op option!

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As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Science, we look to our future knowing that connecting discovery and invention to society results in a better world. We have identified nine inspirational challenges where we will make a direct impact, engage the community and train the future scientists who will lead the way forward.

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Nov. 13

Graduate Science Students Town Hall

Nov. 26

The Echo Index & Multistability in recurrent neural networks - Lorenzo Livi

Nov. 27

My Eureka Moments from STEM Projects - Dr. Stephen Cheng

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Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline Fall Term classes

Nov. 23, 2020 Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline Fall Term classes


The Echo Index and Multistability in Input-Driven Recurrent Neural Networks, Lorenzo Livi

Join Lorenzo Livi, Department of Computer Science for a talk on 2020/2021 NEXUS ONLINE DATA ENLIGHTENING SERIES, (NODES) SEMINAR SERIES


Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Bannatyne Campus

Are you an undergraduate student who is curious about paid research opportunities on the Bannatyne campus? Join us on Zoom...

Location: Online


Interactive Visualization Dashboards with R

Interactive Visualization Dashboards with R


My Eureka Moments from STEM Projects - Dr. Stephen Cheng

Join Dr. Stephen Cheng, University of Regina for a Science Pedagogy talk on My Eureka Moments from STEM Projects and...


Career Café

Join this online event and jump-start your career plans. Meet one-on-one to consult with employers from different industry sectors.

Location: online


Summer Research Information Session: Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Learn how to get experience in summer research!

Location: Zoom


Open Data: Manitoba Annual Crop Inventory

This session provides an overview of open data and how it can be used. Focus will be on the Annual...


Cosmos and canvas - Dr. Jayanne English, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy - UM Virtual Learning Series

Explore the process of astronomy image making with Dr. Jayanne English, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy.


Machine Learning in Python - Part 2

Machine Learning in Python


SnuggleBot: a new cuddly companion

Introducing the “Snugglebot” a cuddly robotic companion that needs your love and attention. It needs to be taken care of, cuddled and kept warm. It’s physically comforting (soft, warm and weighted), and engaging. Its tusk lights up and it wiggles to get attention or to show appreciation when it’s hugged. This robot prototype is the...


UM Science students win big at AquaHacking Lake Winnipeg Challenge

When it comes to innovation and the environment, Meagan Smith and Bentley Turner are going places. The Faculty of Science students won second place and $15,000 in the 2020 Lake Winnipeg Aquahacking Challenge, hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development in partnership with Aqua Forum, a Montreal-based organization. A flagship for Aqua Forum since...


New courses! Winter 2021

Check out the following new interdisciplinary courses offered in Winter 2021! Interdisciplinary courses integrate concepts and knowledge from different scientific disciplines providing a more holistic view of a particular topic. Several exciting courses with elements of biology, chemistry, computer science, astronomy, mathematics, statistics, physics, and data science are currently available. For more information please visit...


UM Phd student Anifat Olawoyin is at the forefront of big data Arctic research

Anifat Olawoyin NOVEMBER 2, 2020 —  When Anifat Olawoyin was invited to help create the first centralized database for the Canadian Arctic, the Nigerian-born UM PhD student immediately agreed and imagined an empty cold-white horizon and polar bears. “Do I get to go up North?” was her first question, she says. Olawoyin was chosen to participate...


Childhood passion becomes Indigenous scholar’s life-long research focus

OCTOBER 20, 2020 — Dr. Myrle Ballard’s land-based learning began at an early age in her home community of Lake St. Martin First Nation. Alongside her classroom learning, she spent her evenings and weekends helping her mother, aunts and uncles tend to the land and water systems. “I remember helping my mom around the yard, doing whatever...


International award-winning cosmic image

Dr. Jayanne English, an expert in astronomy image-making in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, at the University of Manitoba won 2nd place in the prestigious National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) cosmic image contest for her latest cosmic image, a composite VLA and Hubble Space Telescope image revealing the extended magnetic field of the galaxy...


UM astronomers Dr. Samar Safi-Harb of the University of Manitoba and Dr. Harsha Blumer take close look at powerful new ‘baby magnetar’ in Sagittarius.

Link in profile or visit:

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Watch this! Science Breakthrough of the Year - Dr. Jörg Stetefeld, 2020 World Science Summit! eDNA, is a non-invasive way to sample organisms is revolutionizing biodiversity monitoring in the Arctic. #fallingwalls #berlinscienceweek #WorldScienceSummit

Link in profile or visit:

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What a lot of us need right now! Introducing the “Snugglebot” a cuddly robotic companion that needs your love and attention. The brainchild of Danika Passler Bates, a student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Science.

Link in profile or visit:

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New course! (Winter 2021) Check it out! SCI 4000 – THE ART OF SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATION (WINTER 2021)

In this ‘hands-on’ course, techniques from the visual arts are applied to scientific data in order to communicate scientific results clearly and allow discoveries.

Training is provided in: human perception and how images are read; how to use visual grammar (including 2-D spatial and colour composition); the practices of creating explanatory and exploratory visualizations enhancing discovery science; the skills for generating striking public outreach imagery; and computer skills for creating mouse-driven interactive graphics.

This interdisciplinary course suits graduate and upper year undergraduate students that explore data in any field in science, engineering, economics, the humanities, etc.

For more details see link in our profile.

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New course! Check out! SCI 3000 – INTRODUCTION TO SCIENCE POLICY (WINTER 2021)

Explore Canadian and International Policies and Legislations that apply to Science and the ecosystem we share.

Understand the Policies and Legislations that are important in our lives and it is important to understand them and how they apply to us.

Lecture topics will focus more on contemporary approaches to current events and applying science quantitative and qualitative analytical observations as they apply to policies and legislations.

For more details please visit the link in our profile.

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New course! Check it out! SCI 2000 – INTRODUCTION TO DATA SCIENCE (WINTER 2021)

Learn the tools and skills to do data analysis as part of a research project. Specifically:

data visualization
how to extract data from relational databases
how to scrape data from the web
how to use regular expressions to clean text data
how to aggregate and summarize data.

For more details see the link in our profile.

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