SpinWorks is a software package that provides easy basic off-line processing and analysis of 1D, 2D and 3D NMR data on personal computers. Full support is included for Bruker (XwinNMR/UXNMR, 1D to 3D), Varian/Agilent (Unix VNMR/VNMRJ, 1D to 3D), JEOL (1D and 2D), processed NMRPIPE (1D to 3D), Magritek (1D), Anasazi (CDFF, 1D and 2D) and TECMAG (1D) data. JCAMP-DX format is also supported for 1D only. Included indirect detection modes include States, TPPI, States-TPPI, Single Detection (QF), and echo-antiecho.

There are two distinct versions of SpinWorks:

SpinWorks 4 will work on any windows system supporting the .NET runtime. Essentially Windows XP and up.

The newest version is Java based and will run on Windows, MacOS X and Linux. This version requires that the Java JDK (not just the Java JRE) be installed. The Java JDK is available free from Oracle. This version is still in beta testing. It is intended that this version will eventually be “open source”.

SpinWorks can be downloaded for free from: https://science.umanitoba.ca/chemistry/davinci/SpinWorks/