Manitoba Chemical Analysis Lab

Manitoba Chemical Analysis Laboratory (MCAL) is a chemical analysis facility in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba accessible by students, researchers and local industry with the goal of:  1) training students on the application and use of state of art laboratory equipment 2) supporting the Manitoba economy through the generation of highly qualified personnel 3) supporting University and industry research with instruments not generally available as well as contributing to the provinces research capacity.

The facility was originally funded through a partnership between Western Economic Diversification, Varian Canada (now Agilent Technologies), and the Faculty of Science Endowment Fund.

The Advisory Board currently consists of:

Dr. Stefi Baum, Dean of the Faculty of Science
Dr. Viktor Nemykin, Chemistry Department Head
Dr. Joe O’Neil, Chemistry Professor
Dr. Art Chow, Member at Large

The Management Board:

Dr. Tom Ward, MCAL Director
Ms. Emy Komatsu, MALDI Mass Spectrometry Facility Technician
Dr. Helene Perreault, Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Gregg Tomy, Professor of Chemistry