Financial Support

Graduate students play a central role in both the research and teaching activities of the Department of Chemistry. To allow graduate students to focus on this important work, we provide an annual stipend for all graduate students admitted to our program.  This financial support is guaranteed provided that the student continues to make satisfactory progress in their program.

Minimum Annual Stipends

M.Sc. students Ph.D. students
$22 000/year for 2 years $24 000/year for 4 years (from previous M.Sc.) or 5 years from B.Sc.

Students are paid bi-weekly. The stipend primarily can come from a variety of sources. This includes payments from the Advisor in the form of a research assistantship (RA) paid from their grant money (often with matching sources called GETS or SEGS). The Department provides a smaller portion of the stipend in the form of a teaching assistantship (TA). This requires graduate students to supervise undergraduate teaching labs for approximately 6-8 hours per week during the academic year.

Scholarships may be held in addition to these annual stipends or may replace a portion of the RA for larger awards (UMGF, NSERC, Research Manitoba, etc.).

Times to Completion

Beyond the time limits noted above, students may receive RA and TA funding if their research takes longer to complete. In general, if a student makes continuous and reasonable progress (as judged by the Advisory Committee), the Advisor is expected to provide some level of financial support but this is not necessarily at the full stipend level. As grant money often comes from government sources, faculty members are accountable for all expenses and cannot justify supporting graduate students for periods that extend far beyond the time limits given above.


Please refer to the graduate tuition and fees information on UM website.