Work term requirements

Work Term Requirements

Students must successfully complete a minimum of three work terms to obtain a Co-op designation on their degree.  Students will be registered for each work term as a University course and must receive a passing grade for all three work terms.

Each work term requires a student to:

  • Work full time for a minimum of 35 hours per week for 14 to 16 weeks, completing the work assigned to them to the satisfaction of their employer
  • Participate in a mid-term site visit with Co-op Coordinator and employer/mentor
  • Submit a completed work term report to the Co-op office at the end of each work term
  • Achieve a passing grade on a work term report submitted by the deadline after each work term.  Each report must meet the guidelines provided by the program.  Students who have failed to achieve a passing grade will be withdrawn from the Co-op Program.

Work Term Reports

Each student must complete a work term report at the end of each four month work term. The work term report fulfils the academic requirement for each work term.

Each report is due after the work term is completed, on a date set by the Co-op Office.  One hard copy of the report, neatly bound, must be provided to the Co-op Office for marking.  Students are also required to submit an additional hard copy of their title page and abstract, and a completed Science Co-op honesty declaration.  Reports are graded by the Faculty members from each department, resulting in a grade of pass or fail.

Students must achieve a passing grade on each work term report in order to graduate with the Co-op degree designation.

Work Term Report Guidelines are provided to help students develop their reports.

For some work placements, the work term report may contain information which must remain confidential to the employer.  In these circumstances, arrangements are made to have the employer evaluate the report and advise the Co-op Office of the results. In some cases, an edited version of the report may be submitted to the University for evaluation by a member of the Faculty.