6 – 12 Educators

Math Mania and Bio Buzz

Math Mania & Bio Buzz is a popular alternative science education event sponsored by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and the University of Manitoba. It welcomes grades 2 to 5 and is free and open to the public.

Math Mania & Bio Buzz presents interactive demonstrations, puzzles, games and art. It is usually presented in a school gymnasium after school for about 90 minutes. It requires about 20 volunteers. New activities are added each time. The volunteers are university students, faculty and staff from PIMS University site, or volunteers from nearby high schools. This effort is an experiment in using peer instruction to potentially recruit to PIMS universities and encourage students to explore math and science.

Saturday Science Club

The Saturday Club is an opportunity for youth in inner city Winnipeg, grades 5 to 11, to engage in hands-on science activities. The program is hosted by the Faculty of Science, and the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. It runs each year, from January to April, activities take place over a three-hour period on alternate Saturday mornings at the Faculty of Science, Fort Garry Campus, and Inner City Science Centre. Each three-hour session focuses on one main topic or a theme ranging from current environmental issues, alternative energy sources, sustainable products and design, biochemistry, microbiology, and medicine and health sciences. Students will also explore opportunities to link basic science to art and social science, for example, previous sessions have included expert scientists from the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg on HIV detection, and social implications of the spread of disease. The Saturday Club aims to nurture curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in our next generation of students, and be a meeting place for science experts, enthusiasts, teachers and parents. Students will be exposed to a range of scientific disciplines and will have access state-of-the-art equipment. For more information please contact Krystyna Koczanski, Associate Dean and Dr. James Gilchrist, director of the biomedical youth program, professor (oral biology), College of Dentistry, bmyp@umanitoba.ca


The Solar Materials Discovery Group is part of the Solar Army Network and involves students and teachers from Winnipeg-area high schools working with the Herbert Group to develop research skills and explore new photoelectrode materials for artificial photosynthesis. This outreach program is run as part of our collaboration with CCI Solar. We are excited to keep the strong tradition of discovery-based science and collaboration with talented high school researchers! Contact: David Herbert

Computer Science High School Day and the Manitoba High School Programming Contest

Contact: Al Marshall


Physics and Astronomy Day

On Physics and Astronomy Day , high school students are guided through a day of physics and astronomy, including presentations on current research and promising careers in the field of physics and the history of the field through people and theories, small group experiments, a tour of the Lockhart Planetarium and our various research laboratories.

Plan a field trip

We encourage you to plan a field trip during Science Rendezvous, a free public school day takes place on the Friday prior to Science Rendezvous. Field trips can be arranged throughout the year for grades K-12, depending upon instructors, and staff availability. A field trip might include tours of our campus and facilities, as well as hands-on science activities. Contact Carrie Selin at carrie.selin@umanitoba.ca

Professional Development for K-12 Educators

Mathematics Summer Workshop for Early and Middle School Teachers
The Mathematics department hosts a two-week professional development workshop in August for Early and Middle School teachers. Participants will work on enriching their problem solving and reasoning skills and learn about proofs and the foundations of mathematics. Discussions moderated by a K-12 educator will generate ideas for classroom activities, and will enable participants to address the challenges of various topics. Contact: Darja Kalajdzievska or Nick Harland