UM researchers develop app for use in disease outbreaks

Users share their location history with health authorities

Bringing data to life

Promoting interdisciplinary research and collaboration, driving innovation through optimal decision-making, and training future data scientists


Dr. Andrea Bunt - 2019 recipient of CS-Can/Info-Can Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Awards
Computer Science

Making devices smarter

Dr. Pourang Irani is bringing to life the wearable technologies and hologram projection devices of tomorrow, that could give new tools to disaster-response workers, doctors and educators
Computer Science

Robots as co-workers?

Dr. James Young explores how companies can introduce robots into our work environments and how they can be better integrated into our homes



The Echo Index and Multistability in Input-Driven Recurrent Neural Networks, Lorenzo Livi

Join Lorenzo Livi, Department of Computer Science for a talk on 2020/2021 NEXUS ONLINE DATA ENLIGHTENING SERIES, (NODES) SEMINAR SERIES


Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Bannatyne Campus

Are you an undergraduate student who is curious about paid research opportunities on the Bannatyne campus? Join us on Zoom...

Location: Online


Interactive Visualization Dashboards with R

Interactive Visualization Dashboards with R


My Eureka Moments from STEM Projects - Dr. Stephen Cheng

Join Dr. Stephen Cheng, University of Regina for a Science Pedagogy talk on My Eureka Moments from STEM Projects and...


Career Café

Join this online event and jump-start your career plans. Meet one-on-one to consult with employers from different industry sectors.

Location: online


Summer Research Information Session: Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Learn how to get experience in summer research!

Location: Zoom


Open Data: Manitoba Annual Crop Inventory

This session provides an overview of open data and how it can be used. Focus will be on the Annual...


Cosmos and canvas - Dr. Jayanne English, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy - UM Virtual Learning Series

Explore the process of astronomy image making with Dr. Jayanne English, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy.


Machine Learning in Python - Part 2

Machine Learning in Python


Last day of classes

Last day of classes -


SnuggleBot: a new cuddly companion

Introducing the “Snugglebot” a cuddly robotic companion that needs your love and attention. It needs to be taken care of, cuddled and kept warm. It’s physically comforting (soft, warm and weighted), and engaging. Its tusk lights up and it wiggles to get attention or to show appreciation when it’s hugged. This robot prototype is the...


New courses! Winter 2021

Check out the following new interdisciplinary courses offered in Winter 2021! Interdisciplinary courses integrate concepts and knowledge from different scientific disciplines providing a more holistic view of a particular topic. Several exciting courses with elements of biology, chemistry, computer science, astronomy, mathematics, statistics, physics, and data science are currently available. For more information please visit...


UM Phd student Anifat Olawoyin is at the forefront of big data Arctic research

Anifat Olawoyin NOVEMBER 2, 2020 —  When Anifat Olawoyin was invited to help create the first centralized database for the Canadian Arctic, the Nigerian-born UM PhD student immediately agreed and imagined an empty cold-white horizon and polar bears. “Do I get to go up North?” was her first question, she says. Olawoyin was chosen to participate...


Changes for Winter 2021

Computer Science understands that there is a need for more spaces in courses, especially at the 3000 level.  We’ve been making changes since the start of the Fall term, and wanted to advertise them here: We’ve added more than 30 new spaces to COMP 3430. We’ve added more than 30 new spaces to COMP 3370....


Arctic Research Foundation partners with UM and RRC to revolutionize public access to big Arctic data

A new partnership between the University of Manitoba (UM), Red River College (RRC), and the Arctic Research Foundation (ARF) is setting out to unlock the big data secrets previously hidden in Canada’s Arctic. Ralph Dueck and Reynard Dela Torre from RRC’s applied computer education department and Carson Leung in computer science in the UM Faculty...

Researcher Profiles

John Anderson

Multi-Robot Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Dynamic Heterogeneous Teamwork, robot interaction, mapping and space management, learning in…

James Young

human-robot interaction (HRI), human-computer interaction (HCI), domestic robots, social human-robot interaction, aging and robots, gender…

Stephane Durocher

My research is in computational geometry, data structures, geometric optimization, and discrete algorithms. My recent…

Ben Li

My research interests lie in combinatorics and theoretical computer science. More specifically, I am interested…

Carson Kai-Sang Leung

Data mining and analysis (including data analytics, data science & business intelligence solutions) Big data,…

Pourang Irani

Research Involves: Designing and implementing software tools to facilitate interaction with information in a ubiquitous…

Peter Graham

Parallel and Distributed Systems Pervasive and Mobile Computing Computational Grids and Advanced Computing Environments Compiler…

Franklin Bristow

Teaching & pedagogy, bioinformatics

Andrea Bunt

Dr. Andrea Bunt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the…

Christina Penner

Courses I teach include: Introduction to Computer Science Technical Communication in Computer Science Professional Practice…

Shahin Kamali

I have a broad interest in design, analysis and limitations of algorithms. I am particularly…


We're hiring a tenure-track position:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 3 weeks ago

Announcing a Science elective course for Winter 2021: SCI 2000 Assessing Global Change in the Anthropocene. Details about the content can be found on the course website:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 3 months ago

Announcing a Science elective course for Fall 2020: SCI 2000 Image Processing Theory and Applications. Details about the content can be found on the course website:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 3 months ago

UM Science Co-op student lands job at Apple - Faculty of Science

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 6 months ago

Security and privacy risks with patient portal accounts in US hospitals; see what Dr Latulipe @clatulip discovered:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 6 months ago

Summer course schedules will be made available May 4 with registration starting May 19.

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 7 months ago

We’re hiring a term position Instructor:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 7 months ago

Congratulations to Professor Hugh Williams, one of the department's founders, on receiving a much deserved Lifetime Achievement award:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 7 months ago

New special topics grad course: "Technology & Aging" offered in Winter 2020. Contact @clatulip

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 12 months ago

Thank you Dr. Mike @umanitoba @umanitobasci for stopping by to give us a run down on CS at UM #fascinating #neighbours #anotheroption

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs Retweeted 12 months ago

New course offering! COMP 3190 (Intro to AI) will be offered in Winter 2020 with a limited number of spots!

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 1 year ago

International success for U of M Robot Team at FIRA HuroCup

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 1 year ago

We're hiring a tenure track position in Neuroscience (joint with Biological Sciences):

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 1 year ago

We're hiring a tenure-track professor:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 1 year ago

We're hiring an Instructor:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 1 year ago

Congratulations to Mia Battad – we're looking forward to meeting you soon.

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 1 year ago

Congratulations to Dr Andrea Bunt on being a recipient of this year's CS-Can|Info-Can Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Award!

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 1 year ago

Congratulations to Dr. Pourang Irani and everyone involved in this NSERC Create program: New program will help us manage and prevent chronic and infectious diseases

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Seminar Tomorrow, 1pm E2-304, Dr Erin Chambers from @SLU_Official: "Burning the Medial Axis". It's a topic that's related to problems in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and graphics.

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Computer Science Co-op Program

Integrates academic studies with paid work experience. Beginning in their third year of Computer Science studies, Co-op students alternate four month academic terms with four month Computer Science relevant work terms.