Dean of Science: 1970-1979

Dr. Robin D. Connor

Dr. Robert (Robin) D. Connor

Dr. Robert (Robin) Dickson Connor, B.Sc., Ph.D., F.Inst.P.

Robert Dickson Connor was the first of three children born in Edinburgh, Scotland in May of 1922 to parents, Robert and Jane Connor. Following the death of his father when Robin was only 10 years old, he attended Heriot’s School in Edinburgh.

“This disaster has a silver lining in that Robin was then admitted as a foundationer to Heriot’s School in accordance to the will of George Heriot (d. 1624), goldsmith and banker to King James VI and I would had founded the school for fatherless boys in the city.” – The Expanding World of Physics in Manitoba, 2004

After the completion of his secondary education, Robin was admitted to the University of Edinburgh to study physics in 1939. By June 1942, after receiving his B.Sc. in physics, he joined the Royal Air Force with the focus of his training and work on radar. He later accepted a position as head of the Radar Navigational Unit at Cambridge. Following the war, he returned back to the University of Edinburgh and completed is Ph.D. in physics in 1949. Prior to graduation he married Sheila Telfer in 1948. He then spent time as a lecturer in the Department of Physics at University of Edinburgh.