Faculty of Science LASH Committee

Faculty of Science Local Area Safety and Health (LASH) Committee Function

  • The role of the LASH committee is to help the Faculty of Science and its workers to prevent injuries and illnesses by helping them make the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) effective.
  • The Faculty of Science may delegate responsibilities to the committee, but the LASH committee is not expected to be a safety officer or enforce safety and health rules. In other words, the committee is not expected to make decisions about what is adequate to protect the safety and health of workers.
  • The committee’s role is to advise and assist, not assume managerial functions. The LASH committee cannot assume any of the legal obligations, duties, or responsibilities of either the Faculty of Science, or the employees.
  • The LASH committee should not be involved in disciplinary matters. Maintaining compliance and adequate levels of safety and health at work is the responsibility of the Faculty of Science managers and supervisors. However, as an internal auditor of the IRS, the LASH committee can inform the Faculty of Science, about general problems with worker compliance and recommend corrective action.
  • The Faculty of Science is responsible to ensure that all committee members are trained to fulfill their duties. Therefore, LASH Committee members are required to provide the employer with a copy of all certificates and/or documents confirming their attendance at the recommended committee training courses or workshops.
For more information on the committee please download the following Faculty of Science Local Area Safety and Health (LASH) Committee Rules of Procedure pdf.

For more information on the University of Manitoba’s LASH Committees, visit http://umanitoba.ca/admin/vp_admin/risk_management/ehso/general_safety/4502.htm