Academic Dishonesty

The Department of Mathematics, the Faculty of Science and the University of Manitoba all regard acts of academic dishonesty in quizzes, tests, examinations or assignments as serious offences and may assess a variety of penalties depending on the nature of the offence. Acts of academic dishonesty include bringing unauthorized materials into a test or exam, copying from another student, plagiarism and examination personation. Students are advised to read section 7 (Academic Integrity) and section 4.2.8 (Examinations: Personations) in the General Academic Regulations and Requirements of the current Undergraduate Calendar. Note, in particular, that cell phones and pagers are explicitly listed as unauthorized materials, and hence may not be present during tests or examinations.

Penalties for violation include being assigned a grade of zero on a test or assignment, being assigned a grade of “F” in a course, compulsory withdrawal from a course or program, suspension from a course/program/faculty or even expulsion from the University. For specific details about the nature of penalties that may be assessed upon conviction of an act of academic dishonesty, students are referred to University Policy 1202 (Student Discipline Bylaw) and to the Department of Mathematics policy concerning minimum penalties for acts of academic dishonesty.

All students are advised to familiarize themselves with the Student Discipline Bylaw, which is printed in its entirety in the Student Guide, and is also available on-line or through the Office of the University Secretary. Minimum penalties assessed by the Department of Mathematics for acts of academic dishonesty are available on the Department of Mathematics web-page.


Note: students may also be subject to penalties imposed by their faculty or school.

Act of Academic Dishonesty

  • Unauthorized material used in assignment/quiz/test/examination (first offence)
  • Copying in assignment/quiz/test/examination (first offence)
  • Plagiarism on assignment/project (first offence)
  • Unauthorized material used in assignment/quiz/test/examination (second or subsequent offence)
  • Copying in assignment/quiz/test/examination (second or subsequent offence)
  • Plagiarism on assignment/project (second or subsequent offence)
  • Personation on a quiz/test/examination

Minimum Penalty Assessed by Dept.

  • Grade of zero on assignment/quiz/test/examination
  • Grade of zero on assignment/project
  • F-CW plus suspension from all mathematics course for a minimum of one full year