Executive committee


6 members of Department Council + Head

Means of Selection

2 members nominated and elected by the Department Council each year. If there are not enough nominations to fill vacancies by the deadline, the Head may appoint one or more Concil members to fill vacancies


3 years


3 + chair

Terms of Reference

  1. To provide advice to the Head.
  2. To receive reports from the Department Committees, and to append comments to these before forwarding them to Department Council for consideration.
  3. To act in place of Department Council when circumstances make it impractical to refer Department business to Department Council.
  4. To report, as soon as practical, to Department Council on any actions taken under 3. above.
  5. To nominate candidates to fill vacant positions on all standing committees of the Department Council, with the exception of the Executive and the Nominating Committee.


The recommended procedure is as follows. Each year, in early March the committee circulates to the Department a list of committee positions about to become vacant, with a call for volunteers or nominations. In the event that insufficient nominations are forthcoming, the committee will then nominate candidates for the remaining positions. When doing this, the committee will bear in mind the desirability of having representation from all quarters of the Department on committees. The final list will then be circulated along with a second and final call for nominations.

Members (Department Head + 6)