Undergraduate Program

The regular schedule for our courses is also indicated in the tables below. F, W or S means that a course is taught in the Fall, Winter or Summer terms, respectively. L indicates that a lab is required.

For courses that are not taught every year, the prefix E indicates that the course is taught on even years (for example, an EW course runs Winter 2012, Winter 2014, etc.), O indicates odd years (for example, an OF course runs Fall 2013, Fall 2015, etc.). Note that some regularly scheduled courses may sometimes not be offered.

Year 1 courses

Course Name Lab? Terms
MATH 1010 Applied Finite Mathematics L F W S
MATH 1018 Pre-Calculus in Practice L F S
MATH 1020 Mathematics in Art F W S
MATH 1080 Fundamentals of Mathematical Reasoning L F
MATH 1090 Mathematical Reasoning in Euclidean Geometry L W
MATH 1210 Techniques of Classical and Linear Algebra L F W S
MATH 1220 Linear Algebra 1 L W
MATH 1230 Differential Calculus L F
MATH 1232 Integral Calculus L W
MATH 1240 Elementary Discrete Mathematics L F W S
MATH 1300 Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra L F W S
MATH 1500 Introduction to Calculus L F W S
MATH 1510 Applied Calculus 1 L F
MATH 1520 Introductory Calculus for Management and Social Sciences L F W
MATH 1700 Calculus 2 L F W S
MATH 1710 Applied Calculus 2 L W

Year 2 courses

Course Name Lab? Terms
MATH 2020 Algebra 1 L W
MATH 2030 Combinatorics 1 L F
MATH 2040 Curves and Surfaces L W
MATH 2070 Graph Theory 1 L W
MATH 2080 Introduction to Analysis L F
MATH 2090 Linear Algebra 2 L F
MATH 2130 Engineering Mathematical Analysis L F W S
MATH 2132 Engineering Mathematical Analysis 2 F W S
MATH 2150 Multivariable Calculus L W
MATH 2160 Numerical Analysis 1 L F
MATH 2170 Number Theory 1 L W
MATH 2180 Real Analysis 1 L W
MATH 2720 Multivariable Calculus L F W S
MATH 2740 Mathematics of Data Science L F

Year 3 courses

Course Name Lab? Terms
MATH 3120 Applied Discrete Mathematics L F
MATH 3132 Engineering Mathematical Analysis L F W S
MATH 3320 Algebra 2 F
MATH 3322 Algebra 3 W
MATH 3330 Computational Algebra W
MATH 3340 Complex Analysis 1 W
MATH 3360 Combinatorics 2 F
MATH 3370 Graph Theory 2 OW
MATH 3380 Introduction to Projective Planes OW
MATH 3390 Introduction to Topology F
MATH 3410 Introduction to Mathematical Logic EF
MATH 3420 Numerical Analysis 2 W
MATH 3440 Ordinary Differential Equations F
MATH 3460 Partial Differential Equations W
MATH 3470 Real Analysis 2 F
MATH 3472 Real Analysis 3 W
MATH 3480 Set Theory OF
MATH 3490 Optimization L W
MATH 3610 Introduction to Mathematical Modelling F

Year 4 courses

Course Name Lab? Terms
MATH 4240 Advanced Group Theory EF
MATH 4260 Abstract Measure Theory F
MATH 4270 Algebraic Topology W
MATH 4280 Basic Functional Analysis W
MATH 4290 Complex Analysis 2 OF
MATH 4300 Combinatorial Geometry EW
MATH 4320 Dynamical Systems EF
MATH 4330 Fundamentals of Approximation Theory OF
MATH 4340 Introduction to Algebraic Geometry OW
MATH 4360 Introduction to Differential Geometry EW
MATH 4370 Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis F
MATH 4380 Mathematical Biology OW
MATH 4390 Numerical Approximation Theory EF
MATH 4440 Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations EW
MATH 4450 Number Theory 2 OW
MATH 4460 Partial Differential Equations 2 OF
MATH 4470 Rings and Modules OF
MATH 4910 Project Course in Mathematics 2 irregular
MATH 4920 Topics in Mathematics 1 irregular