Honours Mathematics Scholarship

Members of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Manitoba have established an endowment fund at the University to encourage excellence in Mathematics.

From this fund, an annual award shall be offered to the student who:

  1. has completed the second year of the Honours Mathematics program (either the Joint or Single Honours);
  2. has achieved the highest academic standing among the students who have completed the second year of the same program (minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5);
  3. enrolls full-time in the third year of the Honours Mathematics program (Single or Joint).

Past winners:

  • 2022: Serena Werboweski, Jaskaran Singh
  • 2021: Nolan Plett, Aaron Shalev
  • 2020: Bikramjit Dhaliwal
  • 2019: Remy Bell
  • 2018: Yuxiang Hu, Tessa Reimer
  • 2017: Yuxiang Hu, Yeyoung Won
  • 2016: Tyler D. Evans, Jeremy Friesen, Michael Kresta
  • 2015: Ryan Sherbo
  • 2014: Shaun McDonald
  • 2013: Suraj Srinivasan
  • 2012: Toban Wiebe
  • 2011: Jonas Lippuner
  • 2010: Iian Smythe
  • 2009: Damjan Kalajdievski
  • 2008: Athena Nguyen, Trevor Rempel, Todd Sirens
  • 2007: Michael Himbeault