The molecular mechanism of chaperones for membrane proteins in type six secretion systems

Prehna Lab

Mechanisms of antibiotic selectivity by bacterial multidrug resistance efflux pumps

Kumar Lab

looking for human viruses in Winnipeg’s rivers

Uguayari Lab

Developing a recombinant vaccine to combat SARS-COV-2

Pelka Lab

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Last day of classes for Winter Term

Apr. 16, 2021 Last day of classes for Winter Term


Winter Term Final Exam period

Apr. 19, 2021 - May. 1, 2021 Winter Term Final Exam period


Winter/Summer Term Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline

May. 19, 2021 Winter/Summer Term Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline


Microbiology Student Jhannelle Francis in Next 3MT Round!

After her presentation on Thursday, March 4th, the Department of Microbiology is proud to announce that graduate student Jhannelle Francis (Uyaguari lab) has been chosen to advance to the 2021 3MT final competition, which will be held on April 21, 2021. Congratulations, Jhannelle!


Sabrin Bashar (Kumar Lab) and Jhanelle Francis (Uyaguari Lab) Chosen for 3MT Competition

Our department is pleased to announce that two of our own have been selected to compete in this year’s 3MT (3 Minute Thesis) competition. Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an annual competition for graduate students in a thesis-based program. The University of Manitoba 3MT is part of an overall strategy to highlight UM graduate students,...


Microbiology Graduate Seminars

Every Tuesday at 2:30 PM our graduate students present seminars. On April 13th, Zhong Ying Lap will be presenting her topic (see below). Please note:  This will be the LAST graduate seminar for the W2021 term. Zhong Ling will deliver the seminar “Towards zero plastic waste: Identifying bioplastic degradation genes and enzymes in Burkholderia.” To...


Science Co-op earns national accreditation

The Faculty of Science is pleased to announce the Science Co-op Program has received accreditation by the Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL). CEWIL accreditation recognizes the highest quality of post-secondary co-operative programs. Dean Stefi Baum is delighted by the news. “We have been working diligently to integrate quality, experiential learning opportunities throughout our programs for our students;...


Research project to analyze human viruses in Winnipeg’s rivers

Does wastewater that’s been cleaned by Winnipeg’s sewage treatment plants carry viruses – including the virus that causes COVID-19 – when it’s released into our rivers? Jhannelle Francis plans to find out. Francis is a UM master’s student in microbiology and a participant in the Visual and Automated Disease Analytics (VADA) Program – a training...


5 Days of Positivity

Join us for the 5-Days of Positivity Challenge next week January 18 – 22, 2021, on social media! Together let’s get our Winter Term 2021 off to a great start! Why Participate? The Science of Positive thinking is more than warm fuzzy thoughts! Research suggests that positive thinking can not only help you feel better...


Presenting Professor Teresa de Kievit as our Researcher Profile today! The second slide outlines her research, and the links below contain more information! #umanitobasci #umanitoba #fosresearcherprofiles

Tenure track faculty position in the Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan: "eukaryotic genetics... addressing fundamental questions in evolution or development". Pass the ad on if you know someone who might want to apply.

Our researcher of the week is Dr. Ayush Kumar! @ayushkumarLab

Tuesday's MSc seminar is from Katie Wiebe! @umanitobasci @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa

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Tuesday's MSc seminar is from Matt van Schepdael! @umanitobasci @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa

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Graduate students! At 2:30 PM (CT) April 5, join a networking workshop to learn more about the values of networking, how it works, and the skills to make the most out of your professional relationships. Sign up at the Grad Steps website! . . . #umanitobasci #networking

Dr. Brian Mark's research spotlight! @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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COVID-19 outbreak declared in all University of Waterloo residences via @CTVKitchener

Science Students' Association will be holding a Sharing Circle that is hosted by Indigenous Rep, Zoe Quill and Women's Rep, Kyra Cebula on 👉Friday, April 2nd @ 6:30pm CST👈 📲 over Zoom! All are welcome to join! RSVP: 📲 #umanitobasci #umanitoba

Guest seminar - Dr. Michael Becker - April 1 @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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For today’s installment of the Researcher Profiles series, we introduce Professor Peter Loewen! See slide 2 for Professor Loewen’s areas of scientific pursuit. For more information: #umanitobasci #fosresearcherprofiles

Tuesday Mar 30 MSc Seminars! Jocelyn Plouffe and Tiffany Penner! @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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Great to hear that the first James C. Jamieson Scholarship in Biochemistry has been awarded! Congrats to Danny Gussakovsky!! @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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Dr. Pelka from @MBMicrobiology on the AstraZeneca vaccine (Mar 11) @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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@lts_uofm enviroTalks with Miguel Uyaguari from @MBMicrobiology! @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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One of Tuesday’s MSc seminars - Ryan Payton! @umanitobasci @misc.uofm @um_microbio

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One of Tuesday’s MSc seminars - Dustin Maydaniuk! @umanitobasci @misc.uofm @um_microbio

ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 2 weeks ago

VADA Program trainee Jhannelle Francis is a 3MT finalist! Learn more about her research here -