COVID-19 related information for potential international students

Masters and Ph.D. studies are research-based programs and a Microbiology faculty member must agree to supervise the applicant’s program before the applicant is accepted for admission. Similarly, students who wish to apply to the Pre-Master’s program must have support from a prospective supervisor within the department prior to submitting their application. Please, note that the Department of Microbiology  accepts Pre-Master’s students only in exceptional circumstances.

Interested in becoming a graduate student in Microbiology?

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Learn about the research conducted in the Department of Microbiology

To find a potential supervisor, visit the lab webpages of the  Microbiology Faculty Members   before contacting them directly with curriculum and undergraduate transcripts.

Application deadlines

Canadian/US students

  • June 1 for September session
  • October 1 for January session
  • February 1 for May session

International students

  • March 1 for September session
  • July 1 for January session
  • November 1 for May session

If you would like further information about our graduate program please contact:

Stephanie Carter (Administrative Assistant)
email to:
Department of Microbiology
213 Buller Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada
Tel: 204 474-9372
Fax: 204 474-7603


Dr. Silvia Cardona (Associate Head, Graduate Affairs)