Student Council, Associations, and Groups

Science Students’ Association (SSA)

The University of Manitoba Science Students’ Association (SSA) is the governing student body representative for the 4000+ students in the Faculty of Science. The association acts as a link between the students, the faculty of science, and the science community.

The SSA is comprised of approximately 28 executive members, including 4 UMSU representatives and 3 senators. Executive members are responsible for organizing events catered to science students during the school curriculum.

The SSA manages the Science lounge (pool table, air hockey, foosball, video games, TVs, couches, microwaves, courtesy phone), lockers in Science Complex Buildings, bulletin boards in all science buildings, and the free tutor registry. In addition, the SSA also organizes science socials, graduation photos, info nights, exam crams, HealthTalks, and the April year-end Gala.


209E Armes Building (Science Lounge)
Office Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm M-F

University of Manitoba Students Union (UMSU)

UMSU is the largest students’ association in Manitoba with over 21,000 undergraduate student members. For ways to get involved and for more information visit:

Let’s Talk Science

Let’s Talk Science is an award-winning, national, charitable organization focused on education and outreach to support youth development. We create and deliver unique learning programs and services that engage children, youth and educators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our Outreach volunteers engage Canadian youth in a wide variety of meaningful STEM learning experiences in both school and community settings. Our trained and enthusiastic volunteers typically work with children as young as three years old and youth up to Grade 12, delivering hands-on/minds-on activities on a variety of topics. Learn more about Let’s Talk Science.

Science Rendezvous

Manitoba’s largest annual science and engineering festival for the public. Made possible with the help of over 800 student volunteers from across the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. Science Rendezvous

Prairie iGEM

The Prairie iGEM Team is an interdisciplinary research and design team at the University of Manitoba. Students of different academic backgrounds, ranging from biology and chemistry to engineering and marketing, have come together to use synthetic biology as a tool to tackle everyday issues facing the world. Learn more about us here:


Undergraduate Microbiology Student’s Club (Misc)

An undergraduate club started in 2018, MiSC is a community of students in undergraduate programs of Microbiology and related fields such as Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology. 

Micro GSA

The MicroGSA is composed of graduate student representatives from the Department of Microbiology. Our purpose is to improve the graduate student experience by fostering a sense of community within our department. We accomplish this by encouraging and facilitating social activities and linking our graduate students to other resources. We also advocate for our graduate students and provide them with information and resources to be successful in their graduate degrees.


devClub’s goal is to provide students of the University of Manitoba with an opportunity to gain some coding experience with various engines, software, and consoles. This group will also be open to students who are just interested in technology in general and would like to learn more about the tech community. For more information please visit: 

Women in Computer Science, University of Manitoba

WICS’s mandate is to build a stronger community between both women and men in STEM, as well as to encourage more women into the computer science field! For more information please visit: 

Organization of Physics Undergraduate Students (OPUS)

Students in Physics & Astronomy usually belong to OPUS, whose purpose is to promote interest in the study of physics amongst the student body and general public and to provide tutoring services for 1st-year physics courses. OPUS members have regular social and academic events including an annual trip of representatives that present their research work at the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference that is funded by the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

(204) 474-6821
206 Allen Building (Main Office)
114 Allen Building (Tutoring)

University of Manitoba Astronomy Group

We are an astronomy group in U of M. Our goal is to promote and create awareness of astronomy to students and general public through various programs.

We are a group that promotes Astronomy and raises awareness of Astronomy in various ways. Our objectives are:

  • To know, promote and understand Astronomy
  • To organize and represent members of the Astronomy group at University of Manitoba
  • To encourage and promote Studies of Astronomy
  • Create Awareness of Astronomy on and off campus through various both student and general public awareness Astronomy programs
  • To provide a structure for inner group relations
  • To participate and encourage the development of astronomy through scientific laws, procedures; also, abiding rules of law and democratic principles
  • To educate and inform members and non-members of the group about issues related to Astronomy (new news, discoveries in the field of Astronomy).

The University of Manitoba Undergraduate Chemistry Society (Chem Club)

Chem Club is a great place to meet new people and build friendships with other students who are interested in chemistry and sciences at the University of Manitoba. Each year Chem Club organizes both internal events for members (movie nights, potlucks, Hub nights) as well as hosting socials and fundraisers to reach out and involve the larger university community.

The membership cost to join Chem Club is $30 for the academic year (Sept – Apr) and is open to any current University of Manitoba students who are enrolled or have completed at least one second year or higher chemistry class. With your membership you will get access to the Chem Club home base (134 Parker) where you can:

Enjoy free coffee, Access a refrigerator and microwave, Study in our designated “study area” complete with tables, chairs and plenty of outlets to charge your devices, Take a break in the “study break room”, which has a t.v. and game cube and some couches for that much needed after-lab nap, and Volunteer during our many socials, fundraisers and/or outreach programs.

134 Parker Building

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Students’ Association (BUGS)

We are the biology student group at the U of M. Our goal is to provide a sense of community among Biology students, as well as offer academic resources to help anyone taking Biology classes.

When you sign up to become a member, you get to enjoy many perks which include:

  • Discounted food and event admission throughout the entire year. Sometimes they will be free to members.
  • Access to academic resources. We will have an old exam bank, as well as access to many textbooks; a great alternative if you don’t want to spend a fortune on texts.
  • Opportunity to network with professors and researchers.
  • Joining is a great way to meet others in the Biological Sciences department, and maximize your learning experience.
  • The membership fee is $5, which allows you to enjoy all of the perks for an entire academic year.
  • BUGS is open to everyone. You don’t have to be in the Biological Sciences department or in the Faculty of Science in order to join or come to our events.

111 Biological Sciences Building

Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association (BSGSA)

The BSGSA supports graduate students through the organization of student-oriented events, provides information on academic resources, hosts student- and invited speaker- research seminars, and when funds are sufficient provides small graduate student travel scholarships to facilitate the presentation of U of M research across Canada and the Globe. In addition, the BSGSA strives to provide a link between students’ and their community, providing support for community outreach programs and also providing avenues by which the public can learn about some of the exciting research at the University of Manitoba.

212B Bio-Sci Bldg (General Office)

Computer Science Students’ Association (CSSA)

The Computer Science Students’ Association (CSSA) is welcome to all students and is founded on the needs of Computer Science students. We provide students with a safe place to study, converse, and relax. Our group also allows the voices of students to be heard by our department at bi-weekly meetings. We also coordinate events for students to participate in on a bi-weekly basis.

EITC E1-586
(204) 803-3912

University of Manitoba Statistics Students (UMs²)

Established in January 2017, the main purpose of UMs² is to act as a platform to connect statistics students of all levels at the University of Manitoba. Regardless if the student is pursuing their undergraduate degree or PhD in statistics, UMs² aims to provide students with valuable networks and friendships during their time as a student.

University of Manitoba Undergraduate Leaders in Healthcare

The University of Manitoba Undergraduate Leaders in Healthcare is a student group based at the University of Manitoba dedicated to uniting students from various disciplines who are interested in Canadian healthcare. Established in the Fall of 2015, our group arose from a need to provide determined and altruistic students with opportunities to advance their knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare. For more information please visit:

University of Manitoba Actuarial Club

The University of Manitoba Actuarial Club (UMAC) is focused on developing a network for actuarial students at the University of Manitoba. Our goals are to create an awareness of developments in the actuarial field, and connect students with potential employers. We organize many social activities that allow members to get to know each other, and have some fun while taking a break from studying. For more information please visit: 

Graduate Mathematics Society

The Graduate Mathematics Society (GMS) is the student-governed association representing graduate students and student workers at the Department of Mathematics in the University of Manitoba. The goals of the GMS are (1) provide graduate student representation, (2) promote graduate student advocacy, (3) foster camaraderie and offer social support to graduate students, (4) support the academic and professional growth of graduate students, and (5) encourage involvement of math graduate students in the graduate student community. For more information please visit:

EigenClub: University of Manitoba Mathematics Club

We are a student run club at the University of Manitoba focusing mostly on the world of mathematics.