Second Year

What to do in the Second Year – 60 Credits

  • Meet with a science advisor to declare your major or honors program.
  • Are you considering graduate school or a career in healthcare? Familiarize yourself with the admission requirements for entry into graduate studies, or health related programs. Make sure to review application dates and deadlines to apply to Dental School, Medical School, etc.
  • Consider taking a minor and choose courses that will keep options open.
  • Attend the career fair and workshops offered by Career Services.
  • Join the Faculty of Science Mentoring Program to connect with professionals.
  • Volunteer: Check out Let’s Talk Science, W.I.S.E, Science Rendezvous, and other local organizations.
  • Make professional connections: become a student member in a professional association.
  • Develop professional connections with professors and research scientists by attending the Faculty of Science Seminars, Department Seminars, and other special events.
  • Explore undergraduate student research opportunities: Apply for a summer research assistant position, Undergraduate Summer Research Awards.
  • Apply to Science Co-op (most programs set their deadlines for the second year).
  • Consider an International Exchange or service-learning program.