Second Year

What to do in the Second Year – 60 Credits

  • Meet with a science advisor to declare your major or honours program. You are not required to declare your intended Major until you have completed 24-30 credit hours of course work, generally at the end of your first or second year on campus.
  • Are you considering graduate school or a career in healthcare? Familiarize yourself with the admission requirements for entry into graduate studies, or health-related programs. Make sure to review application dates and deadlines to apply to Dental School, Medical School, etc.
  • Consider taking a minor and choose courses that will keep options open.
  • Attend the career fair and workshops offered by Career Services.
  • Join the Faculty of Science Mentoring Program to connect with professionals.
  • Volunteer: Check out Let’s Talk Science, W.I.S.E, Science Rendezvous, and other local organizations.
  • Make professional connections: become a student member in a professional association.
  • Develop professional connections with professors and research scientists by attending the Faculty of Science Seminars, Department Seminars, and other special events.
  • Explore undergraduate student research opportunities: Apply for a summer research assistant position, Undergraduate Summer Research Awards.
  • Apply to Science Co-op (most programs set their deadlines for the second year).
  • Consider an International Exchange or service-learning program.