Your First Year

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Your First Year

Choosing Your Courses

First-year students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours to be able to enter a Major or Honours degree program in the Faculty of Science. You are not required to declare your intended Major until you have completed 24-30 credit hours of course work, generally at the end of your first or second year on campus.

If you are entering the Faculty of Science directly from High School, you are automatically admitted into a 4-year undeclared program without a specified Major.

If you are a U1 Student, you will transit after completing a minimum of 24 credit hours, either directly to a Four Year Major program, provided that the admission requirements have been met, or to the BSc. General Degree.

Knowing your area of interest will help you select year one course that are most relevant to your intended Major / Honours program.

We recommend you follow the University 1 First-Year Planning Guide to determine first year courses required to complete a Science undergraduate degree, or you may wish to consult the UMAchieve audit program. Please review the UMAchieve Tutorials before you run your first audit.

The Undergraduate Academic Calendar is the document that governs all undergraduate degrees offered through the University of Manitoba. We recommend you become familiar with your chosen degree program.

Life Sciences (Biochemistry, Biological Science, Genetics, Microbiology)
Computer Science
Mathematical Sciences: (Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics)
Physical Sciences: (Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy)