Wawatay Overview

Create your path through exploration, support and learning.


As a Wawatay Scholar, you do not receive a special degree; there is no difference in the curriculum or degree of a Wawatay scholar and that of a Faculty of Science student. However, a six-week summer orientation called ‘Think Beyond‘, with refresher courses in science and communication skills, as well as time management and leadership skills, is designed to help you in the transition to university. For students who have been away from high school, or did not have access to a rigorous program at the high school level,  additional introductory courses in math, physics, computer science, biology and chemistry may be required to help prepare you for first-year science courses. Once you are ready you will be eligible to enroll in all other courses in a regular science degree program of your choice.

The introductory courses help prepare you for the demands of science programs. Science Programs are challenging for all students, and the academic support mechanisms available to Wawatay Scholars are designed to encourage successful completion of a science degree. Comfortable group study space is available, and faculty advisors and tutors help with any areas of academic difficulty.

As you advance, you have opportunities to mentor incoming Wawatay Scholars and share your knowledge and experience.

Orientation – Think Beyond

Information on academic planning and course selection. You will explore the University campus and resources most notably, Migizii Agamik —housed in a building that incorporates many of the Traditional Teachings of Indigenous Peoples. You’ll also get to know some of our current students and one another through interactive ice-breakers, weekly outings and entertaining activities. Some of these will be based on Indigenous customs and ceremonies. The program will also introduce entrepreneurial and community engagement programs.

You will also have the opportunity to ​work with a professor on a scientific research project addressing an area of interest to your home community.