About Us

Department of Chemistry Mission

  • To foster student success and advance the central role of chemistry in science through excellence in teaching, innovative research, and active outreach, for Manitoba, Canada, and the world.
  • To contribute to positive social transformation through research that will advance knowledge, create new materials, stimulate improvements in health and lead to new technologies.

 Department of Chemistry Vision

  • Our undergraduate and graduate students will become highly skilled professionals or scientists but moreover will be informed citizens and leaders in their future endeavours.
  • The Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba will provide a dynamic, stimulating and safe environment for the exploration of the Chemical Sciences.  It will be a recognized and respected member of the U15 community of chemistry departments.

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba opened in 1904 with the appointment of the Department’s first professor and head, Professor Matthew Parker.

Today, the research and teaching facilities of the Department are housed in the Parker Chemistry Building, a five-story building which forms part of the University’s Science complex. The Chemistry Department is one of the largest departments in the University of Manitoba, with over 30 academic and support staff, around 55-60 graduate students, about 130 undergraduate Chemistry/Biochemistry students, nearly 20 postdoctoral fellows/research associates. We are an energetic and diverse faculty, focused on providing the highest quality training to our students and performing top-notch research in our respective areas.