Presenter Information

Oral Presentation

Most of the oral presentations will take place in parallel sessions on July 5 and 6. Each presentation will be allocated 12 minutes, with 9 minutes for the talk and 3 minutes for questions. The presentation slides will be projected from a single computer. Presenters are required to upload their slides in advance, and the organizers will send an email to the presenters with further instructions and details.

Poster Presentation

The poster format is A0 size (1189 mm x 841 mm) or smaller and must be in portrait orientation. Unfortunately, the organizers do not offer poster printing options, so please ensure to bring your printed poster to the conference.

The posters will be displayed throughout July 5 and 6, and there will be a specific Poster Session on July 6 from 7 pm to 9 pm. Participants will also have the opportunity to view the posters during the health breaks and lunch time.

Poster presenters will have the option to give a “flash” talk, presenting one slide to advertise their poster in just one minute during the talk sessions. Further details regarding this will be emailed to the presenters.